2019 Complete Front-End Web Development Course Part 1

2019 Complete Front-End Web Development Course Part 1

Have you taken any web development courses before If you how you would notice that you’re breezing past the course because most courses are theory based approach to teaching web development. This approach is very easy to understand and triggers the dopamine in your brain to give you a false sense of progression. But have you tried building a website from scratch after taking these courses. Yes well the onset is unanimous. You don’t just know where to begin. So even if you are someone who is completely new to the Web development back because we need to learn is the best practice in this school is you learn how to be functional as well as beautiful looking website that are ready to go live in the first section. We’ll be covering a report for complete beginners to the Web development. Don’t worry this will be the only theory part in our whole chords. I won’t be wasting time showing you PowerPoint presentations and stuff then you could be actually coding the practical way. In the second section we’ll be focusing on building a website using your TMLC as in javascript. This will be a very simple basic website. It can be to the concepts of these languages are HDMI and you can use HDMI and to build the structure of the website and use your SAYS TO ACTUALLY style the structure and javascript for the functional part of the Web site. So in this you’ll be practically implementing them in the coming soon page. In the back of the section three will be first designing a concept of an app landing page using a software called Photoshop. You can see the complete design right here. And then using bootstrap 4.1 which is the latest version of the bootstrap who actually can work out concept design which we all use photoshop to make and can work it into a working website. As you can see we have also added animations to that their design is not flat and it’s responsive. We also use query or the whole what effects on the cards in the food section. I’ll be teaching you complete deployment cycle by developing a multi-page episode using bootstrap food and wordpress CMOS. We will tackle concepts that are the Course just skim or light linking or domain and a host installing WordPress on a live was and not locally like deployment of WordPress were served using a visual editor and blank books for him. I hope you join me in that journey. Thanks for watching.

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