A Tour of the New Office! | Indie App Developer

A Tour of the New Office! | Indie App Developer

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass, my name is
Eric and I make apps! Now today, I’m gonna give you a tour of
the new office! Ok, so a lot of you guys have been asking
for a tour of the new office and I promised it a few times, so here it is! Last year I did a tour of my last office and
I showed you where I worked and it was kind of a mess! That office was above a shop. So we moved to a business park here this past
week. So the office is a little bit smaller than
before, but one of the big things that I like is the professionalism of it and trying to
grow a little bit as a company. A lot of it’s psychological – like, I love
the fact that they put my logo over here on the door, I didn’t have to make the sign myself! Let’s go into here. So the last office which I showed you last
year, it was big but it was old, it was outside a busy shopping district, I did a video before
where you could hear the bagpipes in the background, whatever the street performer happened to
be out for the day, and it got a bit excruciating. And that office was great until I hired somebody
and then I realised how cramped it was. Also that, hiring somebody, and having clients
come to the office so we moved over here. So it’s a bit smaller, but here it is! So, over here we’ve got a filing cabinet,
I’ve got a whiteboard over here which we nearly don’t have enough room for with the bookcase,
and I’ve got a bunch of lights which we do for the daily videos. I got my poster up on the wall, you know,
the one from the old office. I put it behind me. The reason I have it behind me, it might just
seem like it’s vanity – and a lot of it is vanity – but it’s also because I do a lot
of videos, not just for you guys but I do it for clients and stuff like that. Like, I’ll do a demo video saying “here’s
where we are with the app”. I’ll connect the phone to quick time and I’ll
do screen share and the webcam at the same time. And a lot of times, my clients will share
that with their clients and it also helps bring in business. So it’s nice that they know it’s overpass,
even if I don’t say it’s overpass, it’s always in the background. So, over here we’ve got my desk, I’ve still
got the varidesk standing desk. You’ve got my microphone over there, we’ve
got the new phone system, so I can rise up and stand up when I want to and over here
we’ve got Emily’s desk, but she’s been on holiday all week so she’s not gonna be in
yet, and this office is a bit cramped. The biggest thing though is the natural daylight. So before, we had one tiny window, now we’ve
got this nice big window over here and we can see out into the rural countryside a little
bit, and there’s a gym nearby and everything like that. But the nicest thing is the break room, so
let me show you that here in a second! So one of the nicest things I’ve found about
this office building was that it had a nice big break out room, which wasn’t such a big
deal when it was just me working in that office on my own or when I was working at home on
my own, because I could just take a break. I could have my sandwich at my desk, I could
take a nap at my desk if I wanted to! When I hired another person, I started realising
how small and cramped, and there just wasn’t a lot to do in that area. This office building has a nice big break
out room and everything like that which is kinda nice. And also, lately I’ve had a lot of clients
coming to visit, and we don’t have a meeting room so a lot of the times I was trying to
sweep the crumbs off my desk and get everything ready so we have a client come in so we can
talk about a new app project. At least here we can hire out meeting rooms
and stuff like that. So that was probably the big benefit of why
we went for it. So that is it, I know this is not a very interesting
video today. some of you guys were asking for a tour of
the office and that’s it, it doesn’t take long to show it. I’ve done videos on this before – is better
to work from an office or to work from home? I don’t think it really makes a difference
to the quality of the work at all. So many developers work from home and they’re
happy doing it and they do a fantastic job. My people in the Philippines, they work from
home. I prefer people to work where they’re comfortable
from. This is just, I wanted to have some place
because I’m gonna spend all day there, some place where I can focus and get down to work. So that’s why we had the first office, and
then this is just sort of a breath of fresh air and we’ll try this out for a couple of
years. I’ll let you guys know how it goes. But anyway, when you see all this stuff in
the background, it’s just so you know what the new digs look like and that’s it for today! I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow!


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