Ajax – Web Development

Ajax – Web Development

Okay, so we also have a question about AJAX, what exactly is it, and how important is it to know AJAX and use AJAX? Sure. What AJAX is is basically a request you make from the browser in JavaScript . It’s an HTTP request, but basically it happens within the page. You can use this for loading just part of a page without reloading, basically without changing the URL. You can have extra little snippets. For example, the voting on Reddit–when you click one of those up arrows and the color just changes, we make an AJAX request to the server that says such-and-such just voted on this link, and then we just update it in the client using JavaScript. It is really handy. It’s really common across just about all website these days. But it’s not required. Actually, I found that once you start thinking in AJAX, it’s really hard to design things kind of properly, it’s hard to decide when should I actually have a new page and when shouldn’t i. I hope I did you a favor in terms of form validation and that sort of thing, so you can see how you do it the old fashioned way, before you reach the AJAX. AJAX isn’t always the right tool. But as I just kind of alluded tool, form validation–when you type in all those things– just hitting submit and then getting your errors without reloading the whole page is a really common use of Ajax. But you still need to validate things when you submit the form for real, so you’re going to have to do everything I just showed you anyway. As for how to learn that, just Google for it. It’s on every website. It’s extremely popular. Knowing what you know now in terms of requests and Git and posts in HTTP and all that it should be a pretty easy concept for you to digest.>>There we go.

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