Anamnesis – Episode 02 | Sci-Fi Web Series

Anamnesis – Episode 02 | Sci-Fi Web Series

[ Alarm beeping ] [ Sighs ] Well, let me know if you remember
anything about this Vera person. And I’ll keep you updated if we have
any possible leads on the shooter. You have my number. Last night you said
it was a double homicide? Yeah, that’s right. Adam and an employee. There wasn’t another man?
Another customer? Remind me again, how was it you happened to be
at the crime scene last night? Oh, I don’t know. I was just, walking to Eric’s— Adam’s brother’s house
and I saw… I saw the police. Yeah, no, there wasn’t another man. It was just Adam and an employee. Right. Well, thank you for your time. Thank you. NINA: Noah! Cookies again? Your favorite. -How’s it coming?
-I’m stuck. I can’t figure out how it should end. Well, if you want to know
what I think— I know, it’s repetitive. Just my opinion. All right, I gotta go. I’m already running late. Late for what? Love you! SEAN: Hi. Hi there, I’m Hannah. Hi Hannah, I’m Sean. Hi Sean. [ Alarm beeping ] [ Beeping stops ] Hey, what are you doing here?
Could no one cover your shift? It’s okay, I’m off soon anyway. No, you shouldn’t be working
right now— I’m fine. Okay. Sam? It’s Sean. Thanks. [ Beeping ] [ Beeping intensifies ] [ Flatline ] Good morning, sunshine. -Is that for me?
-Yup. -What’s that?
-Hm? On your hand. Oh, it’s just a reminder. We have Post-It notes. Right. DR. SPALDING: Oh, we’ve got
a last-minute appointment today, squeezing her in this morning. Okay. You writing
the next great novel there? Oh, uh, no, it’s a dream journal. -Dream journal?
-I was just— -I was just writing down last night’s.
-Wow. I’m impressed you can remember
your dreams so long after waking up. Oh, uh, well, I— Hi, Hannah. Oh, hi, Dr. Spalding.
How are you? I’m great. This is Sean, my new assistant. Hi. Hi. You ordered a latte. Yeah. Shall we? HANNAH: What happened to that guy
who used to work here? You know, he wanted to leave the city,
get a change of pace. Oh. DR. SPALDING:
Yeah, we’ll miss him but… So. Hannah? How are things? I guess you haven’t heard. A couple nights ago, Adam died. Oh, Hannah, I’m so sorry. What happened? He was just running an errand, and there was an armed robber… Hannah, I’m sorry, that— that shouldn’t have happened. Um, there was this other thing
that happened that night. I don’t know,
I can’t stop thinking about it. DR. SPALDING: Mm-hmm. I had a dream that Adam died, but while he was actually dying. I don’t know. I mean, it wasn’t just like
some random coincidence because… it was the exact crime. You know,
it was the exact same place, and I’d never been there before. Hm, that is strange. I understand this must have been
incredibly difficult to experience. Have you been taking
your medication? Yeah. I mean, yeah, most of the time. But sometimes I forget. Well, it’s very important
not to forget. But moving on… Let’s talk about Adam. [ Upbeat music playing ][ Ringtone ]Hello?Hi, Detective Sterling.
This is Hannah Taylor.-Hi, Miss Taylor.
I found something in Adam’s desk. I think it’s Vera’s address.


  1. I have been waiting for over 12 months for you guys to finally get round to completing this series, and am not disappointed, was well worth the wait – brilliant script and acting and hope it takes off in a big way – best wishes Ian

  2. Loving the series and the short. I've only seen first two episodes, going to watch third in a while. But you absolutely need subtitles on the major languages, this could make it really, really viral!
    As i said in the short film comments, i can provide italian translation for free if needed.

  3. Some people talked about this series on a lucid dreaming forum and I have to say I can see why they love it so much! It's amazing!

  4. First many thanks to you about making Arabic translation available for us .. I appreciate your efforts .. Second I ask you if you can translate some of your series like the one that based on time story (travelling) I know that may take much time but I am sure that you will do it quickly and efficiently … Third ( the most important point ) I wonder If you would translate this series into Arabic full , too 😇 i think if Arabic unavailable Spanish or even French will be splendor, instead


  6. Hey everyone, you can help Anamnesis get nominated in this year's @Streamys! Use the link below to submit a Fan Nomination for Anamnesis. It's super quick & easy and if we get the most fan nominations we're guaranteed a slot in the Drama category!

  7. does the acting need awkward pauses all the time, I know the series is called "Anamnesis". I don't want to say its bad, I really do enjoy the series. Maybe whole thing is a Dream

  8. this depicts how dreams really feel to me the most out of any movie or show I've ever seen. It shows subtle bizarre scenarios as opposed to obviously unrealistic things happening.

  9. there are many spelling mistakes in the german translation. even in the prologue and the 1st episode. if u need a little advice i would correct this mistakes 🙂

  10. I've now spent more time watching the first two episodes than I spent watching the prologue, but so far nothing has really started to come together. We just keep getting more and more random elements that don't really tie together at all. There's not even a coherent message like the prologue had.

  11. Wow i used to have this idea in my head as screen writer and there is it a web series done by someone else. Its a Brilliant One.

  12. Wow! This is some excellent writing. Great actors and cinematography. What an incredible web series. I need some writing lessons from your team.

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