Application cache – Mobile Web Development

Application cache – Mobile Web Development

So the first major component we’re going to dive into to help, is the HTML5 Application Cache. This let’s you provide a local cache of HTML files, CSF, JavaScript, images, any other resources your client webapp may use. And get the browser to use them even before it tries to hit the network. So let’s take a look at how this works and how we can use it. The application cache is a manifest that you point to from inside your HTML element. Let’s take a look at the cache manifest for our conference application. The manifest starts with a magic header, cache manifest Lines that start with a hash sign are actually comments. Typically, the second line is a comment with some kind of cache version string. More on that later. But this is followed by a cache section. Now what do you think goes in the cache section? Should it be every file that’s on the servers file system? Every resource that can be statically served, or should it be a collection of cat videos?

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