Basic HTML for Web Design : Hexadecimal Colors in Web Design

Basic HTML for Web Design : Hexadecimal Colors in Web Design

Now we’re going to learn about web safe colors
before we advance any further. And the thing with the web safe colors, is that there are
certain set of colors that are kind of guaranteed with all web browsers. And these are in the
hex decimal spectrum. And so when you see these, it’ll be a number symbol followed by
a six digit code of letters and numbers mixed together. And I think the best way to show
you this is to actually go into photo shop, because they kind of have a display of these
colors themselves. And, so, if I go into my color pallet, and I go into my color libraries,
I can pick a web color, I should be able to pick (maybe not here), let’s go over to
my swatches, and then here- here we go, web safe colors. And then if we look down here,
are all the website colors, and you can pick these, and they’ll look familiar because they’re
used all over the place. And then we click here, and we go down here, and this is where
they tell you where the actual code for the number is. And a number code for a website,
a hexadecimal code will always be the number sign followed by whichever letters and numbers
create that color. And as you move it around you’ll see. And it’s always going to be six
digits, and it’s always going to be numbers and- and it could be all numbers, like black
is 0000, but white on the other hand is, fffff, f or whatever, six f’s. So those are two really
easy ones that you can always remember, black is just 0’s and white is just f’s.

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