Bee Found | Kansas City SEO Internet Marketing Web Design

Bee Found | Kansas City SEO Internet Marketing Web Design

My name’s Tim Dodd. I’m the CEO and founder of Bee Found. Brining the buzz to your biz. Bee Found is a national seo and internet marketing company that started right here in Kansas City. Though at Bee Found our focus is search engine optimization, we can handle your twitter, your Facebook uh… all of your directories across the board. Because we want to do more than just put you on the front page of Google. The importance of being found on Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Yelp is only going to increase. In 2008, in my opinion, was the biggest game changer. The 3GS iPhone came out. And once that phone came out it was, it revolutionized the way people look things up, the way they sought out other businesses, even sought out restaurants or where they were going to get coffee or get their oil changed. If I’m new to an area or have something that I need whether it’s a dentist or you name it. How I look for it is I Google it. The first thing we do is a ton of keyword research. What are your customers looking for. And then we take what people are searching for, we create a strategy, a unique strategy for your company. Our sales associates, our operations team, we all are very invested in making our customers succeed. We make sure in all the other areas that people are finding you that maybe you weren’t even thinking about, we think about that for you and make sure it’s taken care of. I’ve seen a window cleaning company that spent money with another SEO company for an entire year and they were no where to Be Found. And, within a couple months of working with us, they were number one. When we bring on a new client, we are looking for relationships that we can grow together that we can grow together for years. Someone gets you on with Bee Found, their not going to just walk away and move onto someone else. You are now apart of the team. You are now apart of what we are doing. We really are here to help you succeed. Online marketing is not going backwards at all. Ah, we want to control and, and, have an impact on the way you’re viewed across the web in Google’s eyes and in front of your clients eyes. This is your opportunity to become the authority
in your industry. Our primary goal is and always will be the
success of our customers. They’re going to spend their money with somebody. Our job is to make sure that they spend their money with you. It’s an incredible feeling to be apart of
someone’s success story. Don’t wait to get onboard.


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