Best PHP Framework for Beginners

What is the best php framework for beginners? CakePHP is one of the most popular PHP frameworks. Only because it is one of the oldest. Zend Framework is modular and flexible. It
even builds enterprise wide applications. Not for beginners, though it might be appealing
to Trekkies. Kohanna is a basic and easy to use framework
for PHP. You can also use it to make custom content management systems. What do you think of Symfony? It’s been used for over a decade, which
makes it an old timer given how quickly software languages come and go. And it has a large
online community. I heard there is a lot of debugging software
around. That’s useful if I’m starting out. It is also something you can scale up. It
lets you customize. But it only needs two writing folders, so
it is hard to misconfigure. What do you think of Codeigniter? It doesn’t take up much space. It runs quickly,
too. Then my mistakes can reveal themselves all
the more quickly. Codeignitor has excellent documentation. I don’t want to have to read tons of documentation.
I’d prefer something easy to use. This is programming MVC frameworks, so it
isn’t like updating your Facebook status. But the company that runs it has a chat service
for technical support. What’s another option? Fuel is one of the frameworks with the best
potential. It has presentation models to help you tailor the app as you need to. I’m not that advanced. Let’s try PHP for
dummies level. Fuel has a large community for online support
and documentation. It is well maintained with a constant stream of new features. So it will be obsolete once I’ve learned
it. Given the evolution of PHP in all its iterations,
and programming languages in general, it’s all got a short shelf life. If you want stability,
learn Unix. By the time I learn that, it will be as obsolete

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