Blind Finger Trap Challenge

Blind Finger Trap Challenge

– It’s a trap! – A finger trap. – Let’s talk about that. (upbeat music) – Good mythical morning. – Joining us today is one of the stars of The Good Place and the
host of the new game show on TBS called The Misery
Index, it’s Jameela Jamil! – Hello. – Welcome to the show! – Hi. – Thanks for being here. Jameela, do you have a favorite finger? – It’s in the middle. – Okay the middle one – That’s my favorite one. – Yes, it communicates the most for me. – Oh – Okay – I understand. – All right, so you
can use that one today, but it’s putting it at
risk because there’s gonna be finger traps involved in this game, it’s time for most people
don’t know that Vin Diesel has a twin, anyways, what
exactly is my finger in? – In each round, two of
us will be blindfolded and one of us will serve as referee, the blindfolded players will
stick their fingers into a mystery finger trap, and
then try to guess what the finger trap is made of by
asking yes or no questions, and don’t worry, your finger’s
not actually gonna be trapped but if you remove it,
you will lose the round. – Okay, whoever correctly
guesses what the finger trap is made of first will win the round, and the winner of the game
overall receives a very special high finger from Jameela Jamil. Hey, let’s play. (whimsical music) – As you can see, we can’t. – Oh that’s typically my line but I kinda, I thought
it was a little better. – Okay, present your fingers to me, and I’m gonna guide them into the thingy. You’re switching to the index, or do you wanna use your favorite? – No cause I wanna keep
it in case you chop mine off with something. – We have trust issues here. Okay, here we go. – [Jameela] Oh I don’t
like this at all, oh no. – [Link] Okay, and you can — – [Jameela] That is a bum hole isn’t it? – [Link] You can rest. – if that’s a bum hole, someone needs to see a doctor immediately. – Okay, Jameela, since
you’re our guest, you can ask the first yes or no question. – Am I in a sock? – That’s a guess – All right. – So if you say like, if
you thought it was a sock, you’d say, “Is it something… – I didn’t have any friends as a child, I don’t know how to play games. – Is it something you wear? Would be a question you could ask. – Got it, okay. Is it something that
you use to heal wounds? – No, Rhett? – Is it something that you
would use in the kitchen? – No. – Okay. – Jameela? – Is it something you would
use to soundproof a studio? – You could, but I don’t
think you would, so no. – Is it something you
would use in the bathroom? – No. – What? – Is it something you would use to package something expensive that
you’re sending to someone that you’re apologizing to? – No, you do that often? – Yes. – Is it something you would eat? – No. – Is it something that you would use to make your shoulders more big? – No, it’s not a shoulder pad. I’ll give you guys a hint. – Please do. – When you’re asking about
areas you would find it, I think that. – I should keep goin with that? – I think that that’s a
good line of questioning. – Okay, I said kitchen and bathroom. Is it something you would use in the den? – What’s a den? – What is a den? A den is like a living
room you never go in. – You know like, the family
hangs out it’s a little, it’s recessed, it’s lower
than the rest of the house, it’s cozy, there’s a
blanket, there’s a TV. – It’s got a fireplace usually. – Would you… – It’s where we put the Christmas tree. – So what’s the answer, it’s not in a den? – It’s not in a den but
I do think you should try to figure out where you would find this – Would you find this in the bedroom? – No. – Oh – Not the bedroom, not the bathroom, not the kitchen, not the den? – I think you need to leave the house. – Would you find this in the backyard? – Only if something else was back there. – Would you find it in the shed? – What kind of shed are we talking about? – Well, some sort of garden shed. – No. – Oh, what other kind of shed is there? – Would you find it, would
you find it in the ocean? – No, you’re closer with shed. – Where is your house? – I thought it was a beach front house! – What is your backyard? – Stick with shed but maybe another. – Okay, would you find
it in your car garage? – Yes. – Is it a car sponge? – No. – What? – Isn’t that just a sponge? – It just feels like a sponge. – I don’t mean to be judgemental but… – Guys, it’s not a sponge. – Okay, is it inside a car seat? – No, I’d say it’s inside a car though. – Okay. – It’s inside a car? It’s not the seat. Do you hold onto it when you’re driving? – I wouldn’t. – This is really stressful. – Maybe, where in the
car would you find it, try to go with that. – Is it inside, behind
the behind the mirror in the, in the, the rear view mirrors, is it what’s behind the glass? I’ve never driven. – I’ve always thought there was foam, there might be foam in there. – You guys are all over it, you’re asking is it behind the mirror? – Yeah is it what’s, the padding
inside the rear view mirror between the plastic and the glass? – You know the area – I don’t appreciate all this laughter! – No one knows what that is. – You know, it’s the
inside of the mirror part. Between the plastic and glass – Is it insulation behind the… – I’ll say, I’ll say no but
it is close to a mirror. – Is it just the top of the car? – Yeah Rhett, I got a whole
top of a car on the desk. The whole thing is right
here in front of me I’m looking at them. – Looking at them? – I’m looking at them. Jameela? I’m looking at you. – Is it, I forgot, what’s
really near the window? The car is really near
the rear view mirror. – Let’s say below the rear view mirror. – Below, below the rear
view mirror is the door. – [Link] Just kinda
gingerly dangling there. – Is it one of those things about Jesus that hangs on the rear view mirror? – You talking about a Jesus air freshener? – Is it, yeah, is it
like,does it resemble dice? – Not only does it resemble
dice, remove your blindfolds! – That’s what it is – Jameela, you got the point! – Yay! – It’s the, it’s the dangly dice! – Wow, we were. – Who actually has those? Hashtag, no judgment. – I’ve got those in my den. – You do now (whimsical music) – Okay. – You wanna line me up? – Okay going, taking you both in. This doesn’t feel appropriate. – Oh my goodness. It feel like. – So, Rhett, do you wanna
ask me some questions about what on Earth I just stuck you in? – Why’s it so tight? – [Link] It’s moving. It’s freakin alive. – Is it a food? – No. – Link. – Is it alive? – I certainly hope not. – It is not alive, but
it is not, not alive. – It’s moving. – [Jameel] When you’re moving. – I wanna pull out but I don’t wanna lose. – Okay, hold on, something’s
goin on with this thing. Are you contracting it? – I’m not contracting it. – [Rhett] Oh gosh. – Can I move my finger around? It’s plastic. – [Rhett] Wow, the inside, it’s really. – Is there a hand involved? – Yes. – Yes cause I fell like its
just a hand but a hand is alive. – I, first of all I gotta say, I would like one of these in my den. (laughing) – Same size? – Why is it wet? I mean is that, can you
answer that question? – No I can’t. – Why are we here? – It was never alive? – No I’m saying that
there is a hand involved. We’ve answered that. – All right you blew your question. Is there a costume involved? Cause it feels like plastic. – A costume? Be more specific. – Is there a glove involved? – Yes. – Oh, now, oh okay. – I’m hearing, now whatever
is happening to you, is not happening to me. – Yeah well you gotta move
your finger the right way. – It just got real tight. The kegels on this thing are amazing. – It’s just somebody with a dish glove on and I got my finger in their hand. – That’s a guess. Is he right? – Is there anything
else on the dish glove? – Oh come on! – All right so, it’s, okay, is it. – [Woman] I feel like we
gotta remove the blindfolds at that part. (ringing) So that’s a soapy, wet,
but also hard dish cloth. – Thank you Chase. – What is that soap? (whimsical music) – Okay, wow, we’re gonna have fun guys. You know what, I’m gonna. I’m gonna have to do one at a time here. – [Jameel] Okay. – I don’t like it, it’s very small. It’s very small. – [Rhett] Stiffen your finger up. – [Jamee] That is. – There you go. Really stiffen your finger, there you go. – [Link] Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness! Oh, whoa. – Okay, there we go. Aright ask me some questions
about what your finger’s in. – Am I ever gonna get my finger back? – Is that your question? Probably. – Okay, so, is it a toy? – Yes. Wow. – Okay. – It’s a toy, man you are
off to a strong start. – [Rhett] Yep. – Oh man my knuckles
are getting, feel hairy. My finger is like really tight. Is it something I would get in a Walmart? – That narrows it down, yes. (laughing) – Are you gonna do the Walmart strategy? – Yeah I’m usin the Walmart strategy. – You already said it was a toy. – I’m in the toy section of the Walmart. – Okay. – Is it a doll of any kind? – I would say a loose definition
of doll could apply to this but it’s not technically a doll but it has doll qualities. – What? (laughing) – Are our fingers in its ears? – Hell no. (laughing) – Are our fingers up its butt? – Hell yes. – Really? – I knew you would put
my fingers in a butt. I knew it. – Well that sphincter is tight too. – Well I’m loosing
circulation in my finger. Have you gone? Have you gone? – Is it an action figure’s bum? – I think there’s definitely a community that would consider these action figures. – Is there, is this an animal toy? – [Rhett] Yes. – Its a unicorn’s bum. – Hold on you can’t guess right now. – Oh (beep). Sorry. – Is it, is it a unicorn’s bum? – I’m gonna ask you to be more specific. – Is it a rainbow mained
colored unicorn’s bum? – I handed that to you. – Now listen, I just gave you a hint and you still didn’t get it. – [Link] All right. – I’m gonna say, yes Link, you’re right but we’re looking for a specific answer. Jameela. – Is, what’s more specific
than a unicorn’s bum? – What do you typically
call the little doll, that’s a rainbow unicorn? – Is it a unicorn My Little Pony? – Take off your blindfolds! – Oh that’s what I was gonna guess! – This feels so wrong. There’s a bit of unicorn poo. – [Rhett] There’s debris there. – I literally can’t. – I just felt like you had to
get My Little Pony in order to get that one right. – I agree with that. – Jameela that means you and I are going to the Mystery Index Finger
Trap Championship Round! – Congratulations. – Oh gosh. (whimsical music) – Okay, Jameela I’m gonna put
your finger in there first and then I’ll follow with Rhett’s. – [Jameela] It’s something wet. – We’re gonna give it a good thrust, here. I’ve gotta get the right angle. – Already upset. I’m already upset. – [Link] Just push. – [Jameela] No. No. No, I don’t want it. I wanna go home. – That’s far enough. Okay. – Wow that was. I guess I got some interesting
things in my finger’s future. – [Link] Push. Push. Push. – [Rhett] What? – All right, stop. Stop, stop, stop. No moving. – This is inappropriate. – Okay, Jameela, you go first. – Is it edible? – Yes. – What did you ask? – [Jameela] Okay. – So it’s an animal? – It’s not an animal, no. Jameela. – My question is so specific that it would give the answer
away so I just wanna ask. – Oh, you wanna give a guess? – Yeah. – Okay, she is already
goin for a guess people. – Oh wow. – Is this honey comb, with honey in it? – Remove your blindfolds! – No way! – You are a savant! – I hate honey. – Who hates honey? – I hate everything related to bees. – Hold on but, you’ve had experience stickin
your fingers in honeycomb? – I told you guys, I stick
my fingers in a lot of stuff. (laughing). There’s a very lonely child. – You know what? You might like honey better if you eat it. – No. – Taste it. – No, it’s disgusting. Never, I hate honey. – Well congratulations. – It’s not honey bee poop. – It’s honey bee vomit. To be precise. – Okay Jameela, you win, that means you get a high
finger from Jameela Jamil. – You understand why I had
to guess cause I was like, If I say anything about
bees, he’ll guess it. – Yes. – Yeah I had to just go striaght in. I can’t believe I got that. – I know, it’s amazing. And you win the prize, so, go for it. – Give yourself a high finger. – Oh, it’s slightly underwhelming. (ringing) – Hey! All right thank you Jameela, and be sure to check her
out on The Misery Index, premiering tonight on TBS at 10 PM and The Good Place Thursdays on NBC. – Thank you for liking,
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  1. Omggg you guys sometimes have the most amazing guests!! I have really enjoyed watching the good place and this episode blew my mind. Never expected this! 😀

  2. Everyone is such a snack here, wow.
    Also…perhaps some context on the bees comment. When she was 17, she got hit by a car while fleeing a bee, and the doctors said she would never walk again after that.

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  4. Rhett after sticking his finger into a hole: "wHy Is iT sO tIgHt??" "aRe YoU CoNtRacTiNg iT?" "wHy Is iT sO wEt?" "i wAnT oNe iN mY dEn" "yOu GoTtA MoVe YoUr FiNgEr ThE RiGhT wAy…" oof, makes me think of something else lmao

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