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hi guys and welcome to this video in
this video we’ve got a little gift for you it’s a freely downloadable bootstrap
template this is Jamie from and we’ve designed
this little bootstrap site here it’s fully responsive it’s a one-page
scrolling site and you’re welcome to
however you want for your brand or your business or your personal page and to
download it you just click on the link below this video
it’s made with bootstrap free and it’s got some very easily editable code here
if you don’t know how to edit a bootstrap template you can look at one
of our other videos on the YouTube or we have a comprehensive course covering all
aspects of it that we give for a huge discount to our subscribers on YouTube
here again that there’ll be a link below if you don’t have a text editor this
text editor that I’m using here is called brackets it’s free and it’s free
to download from brackets dot IO and again I’ll put a link below this video
so our little site here you can add your own logo you just got a simple call to
action section up here with a couple of call to action buttons and you can link
them to your pages or you wherever you want to link them to a little about Us
section obviously put in your own images and text here and again we’ve got
another little call to action section below here and this comes with all the
images and they’re free to use you can use these images if you want to well
obviously be better with your own images but these are free stock images now
we’ve got a little promotions partners section here and for anybody that
doesn’t know where to get good stock images have a look at our youtube video
about where to get free stock images there’s some fantastic sites out there
that you can get some really high quality images from perhaps lutely no
money or no subscription now we’ve got a little featured services
section here a few little simple price boxes if you’re wanting to sell your
products or highlight some products for you again you can link this to wherever
you want it to link to a little parallax section there with a see the beach going
up and down in the background there with a little island another small call to action section
here then we’ve got a portfolio section that we call treatments here and it’s
got a little text overlay to make things a little more interesting there
obviously you put in your own images and put in your own text whatever it is
you’re trying to highlight and of course if you want to link you can just wrap
that you know anchor tag and link it to whatever you want to and below that
we’ve got another little parallax section here with customer testimonials
in it that’s a nice little rotating carousel there obviously you can edit it
for whatever your needs are and if we continue going down we’ve just got a
team section here there’s some happy looking people not sure about that one
in the middle Vlad smile or young fella and again like I say you can just
replace these images with your own team images or whatever it is that you’re
trying to do with your site below that we’ve just got another little info
section here again with a few call-to-action buttons that you can
direct to wherever you want them to go obviously replace this text with your
own text and moving on down lastly but not leastly it’s very important this bit
we’ve got a contact us form and this form is fully working we give you a PHP
sendmail form to hook up this so once it’s on a live server you
will be able to send emails with it a lot of bootstrap templates nowadays come
they look fantastic they look like they’re gonna work but they have no
actual way of sending a message we’ve as I say we’ve included the PHP file that
you can upload with this put in your own email address and it’ll send it for you
let me just demonstrate that for you this is what you’re gonna get you’re
gonna get the zip file right here and once you’ve extracted it this is what’s
inside it this is the index dot HTML page that we’ve been looking at in our
text editing software here and the contact PHP file is what we’re gonna
need for sending the mail form and watch once you’ve edited your site and got it
how you just take all of these files from the top of the bootstrap so yeah
well you don’t need the license to the end of the index and just pull that into
your online server you don’t need the zip file either because that’s just got
these files inside of it well to configure your contact form all you do
will open this with our brackets text editing software here it is and it looks
like a bunch of junk and it pretty much is but you can change it to work for you
now all you need to do is change this line for here put your email address in
there do not clip off those brackets I mean do not clip off those inverted
commas they’re really important and put you from whatever you decide to call
your site down below there that’s pretty much all you need to do and it will
start sending emails to whatever address you burn up here now you’ve got a a Google map at the
bottom here you just put in your location instead of the location I’ve
got here I’ve got it send it in New York very easy to do just go to google and
put in whatever location you want and swap out the data with the data we’ve
got you know HTML file here and it’s live so you can scroll in and out now if
I go back to the top as I say it’s one page scroller so we’ve got smooth scroll
going on to scroll through the various sections but of course you can add your
own sections easily or take away any sections that you don’t need simply by
selecting a section and deleting it so there we have it we’ve got a free
template for you to download use it as you wish be nice if if you do decide to use it
you could put a link in there somewhere to my sight system 22 Don it but that’s
not required it’s absolutely free to feed you guys to use so download it
enjoy I hope you find it useful if you enjoyed
this video please subscribe to our channel we’ve got all kinds of tips
about building bootstrap sites and WordPress sites and all kind of
different sites and if you’re interested in web development take one of our
courses below as I said earlier they’re very heavily discounted for our YouTube
subscribers and we’ll teach you just about everything you need to know once
again this has been Jamie from and thanks for
watching have a great day you

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