Build a Dynamic Web App Using Firebase Hosting – Firecasts

Build a Dynamic Web App Using Firebase Hosting – Firecasts


  1. Great video Lomo, please can you put the links in the description!!! so it is easy to enter the page. Copying url by typing is crap.

  2. I am a big fan of firebase…!! Is there a way firebase can help my college teach firebase with android?
    waiting for more Firebase ui videos. Thank you

  3. How do I manage different deployment configurations for a single project? Like I using the same project with different configurations for development environment, staging and production?

  4. You are Awesome Laurence Moroney.
    My Question is "How we deploy only selected files rather than whole Public directory (all files)? is this possible?"

  5. So, is banned in China. My question is, can people in China access to sites hosted on firebase (which is under Google's umbrella)?

  6. After loading the index.html page, how do I navigate from current page to another. That bugs me because I have kept all html pages in same public directory and specified the path to it, yet the firebase is generating code 404!!! Any help would be appreciated!

  7. Hey, stuck on one of your tutorials…
    So I'm at the "Send a notification to your device" section of the tutorial. It says to go about the step "by using cURL in a command line". I'm a complete newbie, and I'm not sure what to do at this point. Can you please help?

  8. I'm currently building a web app with Angular, a SQL db, Express to serve up files (I think), and Node for the server logic. Would Firebase hosting replace Express here?

  9. ok good, i am not an expert, and i didnt get how python works in that folder? i can understand js. it is ok. but how py?

  10. Nice video…. quick question here… how to make pre-render using firebase (and using modules and lazy loading, for example) to make more readable for SEO using Angular?

  11. This is the first time I am using firebase Authentication for my app. I added my app's staging url in Authentication domains of firebase. But when I'm using email verification feature of firebase it says – "Domain not whitelisted by project". I found in my search that I need to connect my custom domain through firebase "Hosting". Is that the correct way to connect the custom domains for Authentication purpose only?

  12. My Laravel PHP application can be deployed in Firebase Hosting or which correct Firebase resource for that?

  13. Have watched your video please could you elaborate for me how to build an app on firebase console?
    Thanks will wait for your reply

  14. I noticed you did not include the endresult on your video either. What you showed was instructions but, technically, you would have at least shown the successful outcome. You did not. Still, if I follow your instructions for my own app, my 2D-app as a webgl from unity, and then go to the hosting url after it is successfully deploye, i get nothing: I get only firebase's documentation page. . Not cool.

  15. we need new video #Askfirebase

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