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Drugs: The Modern Menace

When anything used in quantity more than needed the positive impacts fade away and the negative impacts begin to show its effects. The same goes for the usage of drugs as drugs ruin lives. Drugs are normally used as medicines to help patients cope with mental illness like depression, insomnia and so on. But when […]

Get To Know About Is Alcohol A Drug          

The cases of alcohol consumption are increasing daily. Many people are consuming alcohol despite being aware of the different troubles which this drink has on our health. Here, we will discuss the different effects of alcohol on the human body. You must be wondering, is alcohol a drug? Health risks of alcohol consumption Headache and […]

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse On Mental Health

Nowadays, alcohol consumption has become frequent, mostly teenagers from schools and colleges try drinking a lot. About 80% of school teenagers are consuming alcohol at a good rate. More than this, the teenagers who belong to the eighth standard are reported with severe drinking issues. The effects of alcohol abuse on mental health may create […]

Here Is All You Need To Know About Alcohol Abuse

Whenever a person continues to consume alcohol despite its evil effects, they can be drug-dependent. Repetition of the substance usage results in tolerance and withdrawal of the substance generates multiple problems. Drug dependency may be compulsive and may not originate out of consciousness. Some shreds of evidence also indicate that drug dependency is often inheritable […]