CCI Global Impact – India

CCI Global Impact – India

It’s been 3 years that we have been working
in the community. The name of my project is PRITHAK, which means
unique. It is a community learning center, which works
for the holistic development of children in my community. The seed of this initiative took place when
I was in high school, when I had no access to such a common learning center where I can
learn and grab the opportunity to enhance my other skills. At PRITHAK we are running various activities
like computer English, dance, music, art, soft skills classes. In the community, PRITHAK has become a common
learning center where students come with their family member also, where they discuss, about
the issue. They have been able to partially change the
thoughts of the people in our community. Before we had no girl in our center, now we
have girls in every program and in IT class also
that take place in our center. One such example that I can give you is, we
had a girl student, whose parents were not allowing her to go to school, so my team and
me, we went to her house. We talked and discussed the issue with her
parents and after several attempts they agreed and they understood the importance of education
and they send the kids to the school and to our center also. PRITHIK is trying to help children of low
income families in Ohkla industrial estate. Those who cannot afford to go to a private
institute. I am learning web designing because of PRITHAK. I have applied for CCI Program because of
PRITHAK. Student are getting aware that they have other
career options then regular stream- doctor, science, engineer. They just need support of friends and community
people who are helping us in managing the project. In my community I was the first one to go
to U.S., so everybody was happy, and they were excited. I am the first person in my family who has
been to college and have acquired higher education. I attended Highland Community College where
I studied IT. My experience of the CCI Program made me to
think out of the box and I came to know that there is a vast and wide career opportunity
in the field of IT. My internship period taught me many things,
such as how to handle angry people while they come up with their issues, and how to be more
polite with them and come up with the solution, and how to be an effective team player. Before participating the program I was introverted. During the program I learned so many things
that changed me. I became open minded and extroverted, now
I see opportunities in everything and now I am creating opportunities for other people. When I see the children go from budding artist
to a fruitful dream, and my community’s people, including me, are self-reliant and living
a good life, and we don’t hear the word slum.


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