Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Highlights

Chrome Dev Summit 2017 Highlights

SPEAKER 1: Welcome,
welcome, welcome– SPEAKER 2: Welcome! SPEAKER 1: –to the
fifth Chrome Dev Summit. SPEAKER 3: It’s great to
be back in San Francisco. This is my second
Chrome Dev Summit, and there’s so much energy. There’s so much talent. It’s getting better
than the last year, and more talks focus on
progressing [INAUDIBLE],, which I’m really excited about. SPEAKER 4: I was
really excited to see us announce more work that
was launched around Puppeteer, Lighthouse, Workbox. All of these tools
help developers build better
experiences and take advantage of things like
Headless Chrome a little bit more easily. And I look forward to hearing
what developers think of them. SPEAKER 5: The Chrome Dev Summit
is like the perfect opportunity to talk to the people that
you normally only meet online. Pretty cool to have
all the conversations with people from the Chrome
team, from the DevRel team, from the community,
from the [INAUDIBLE].. You know, if you want
to exchange information, this is the place to be, really,
and get to learn new things. SPEAKER 6: What I love most
about Chrome Dev Summit is coming together with
this community of people that are so concerned
about building a global web that everybody can reach,
that it doesn’t matter how much money you have and
what type of devices you have, but you can be connected
to this experience. SPEAKER 7: The after-party
was really nice, lots of great people,
lots of lovely music. There was arcade games. It was really, really cool. SPEAKER 8: We had a great couple
days at Chrome Dev Summit. It was really fantastic getting
to meet all of the developers and hear what
everyone’s working on. We want to keep the
conversation going, so we’ve got the
code labs online. We have all of the videos of
all of the talks ready to go. And if you want to
chat about any of this, feel free to use
#ChromeDevSummit. I’m super excited to see
everyone again next year. [MUSIC PLAYING]


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  3. (Katniss) : L'oiseau de nuit et de feu adore, ce tout nouveau évènement, bien trop de problème avec chrome via windows 10, je serai ravie de faire partie des "Développeurs Google Chrome"

  4. (Katniss) : Oui, l'oiseau de nuit est enchantée de faire partie du top des tops (Chrome Dev Sommet 2017) Tip Top Best !!!!

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