Creating and Sending HTML email in Outlook

This tutorial describe how to copy and paste a web page into Outlook Mail and send it with HTML selected. By copying and pasting a web page into Outlook Mail having the option of HTML format selected we can send any web page by going to a specific web page we can click on the web page select all, copy, return to our email, and paste, We can see its appearance. Noting that this graphic shows currently in this e-mail and now we can send it. [sound outgoing email computer bell] [sound email incoming computer bell] By opening or do you know now we can check on its appearance. By going back into our email we can find our email that we just sent. Opening this email we can clearly see better HTML formatting appears to be exactly the same as our webpage that we copied and pasted into our email in Outlook Mail. Note the graphic appears. Note, sometimes a graphic will not appear in your emails. This is because the graphic in the webpage that was copied did not have a direct link to the graphic specified when the webpage was developed. Also note that the web page is completely functional. Some formatting that appears to be a little skewed is the fact that these drop-down boxes cover-up the sentence here. if we go back to webpage we could see that some of our drop-down boxes skew sentences. Thus this should be corrected by the designer and should be reposted. But for the most part, this webpage is completely functional and it allows students to view webpages in an email browser which supports each HTML formatting. Not all email browser applications allow you to view HTML formatting. For complete listing of email browser switch support HTML formatting, please click on this blue link in this Quicktime movie and a web page that lists all email browsers that support HTML formatting will appear. I hope your found this to be helpful.

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