Cybersecurity Framework Shared

Cybersecurity Framework Shared

The cyber security framework in our
mind has been so successful, because it has very large broad appeal
to many organizations. Small, medium businesses,
large organizations.>>It helps us communicate risk in
ways that everyone understands, from the server room to the board room.>>It provides companies
with a common language. So, whether you’re a CEO or you just walked into a company
the first time as a new employee. It’s something that you
could feasibly grasp.>>One of the things that is so exciting is that this is moved out of
being just a public policy conversation, and it is moving into being
a business strategy conversation. So I find that really cool.>>It talks a lot about how an entity
should assess their risks and then apply the framework
to their environment. It gives them a lot of flexibility, so
it’s not a one size fits all model.>>The fact that you know, you have
this flexibility inside the framework. It’s something that is really new
in the context of standards and the similar things.>>It cuts across all different segments,
whether it’s manufacturing, agriculture. It’s a framework that can be used across
many areas, many businesses, etcetera. So therefore,
it’s a very inclusive type of framework.>>My belief is, it’s really the most comprehensive view of
the full set of things you needed to do.

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