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  1. back when I actually had hardware (rip) I used to love working on the code base, like v8 is written so well. I really wish they'd fix get around to fixing the tooling though.

  2. Love the community, and content on

    It was epic 👍 when Ben posted a question on and was able to track down the site issue

  3. I wasn't really comfortable writing my articles on Medium: too dispersive and generalist for a specific matter like development.
    But then was born and I found the perfect place!
    Contratulations and thanks to Ben and Jess (and all the other collabolators) for creating such a great community.
    Now you only need more articles from "big" contributors (you already have some excellent ones), so people can say, "Oh you know X Y, they know a lot about Z, they usually write on, check them out!"

  4. How can I join community? I'm schizophrenic and I love to learn and code. I have discovered that the best medicine for mental health problems is writing code. I'm now off antipsychotics and I'm feeling better than ever. I want to thank especially Google for doing so much for the web.

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