Drug addiction

Drugs: The Modern Menace

When anything used in quantity more than needed the positive impacts fade away and the negative impacts begin to show its effects. The same goes for the usage of drugs as drugs ruin lives.

Drugs are normally used as medicines to help patients cope with mental illness like depression, insomnia and so on. But when drugs are taken for a purpose other than their normal clinical use in an amount, concentration or frequency that impairs one‘s physical, physiological and psychological functions, it constitutes drug abuse.

Mostly youngsters fall prey to habituating or addictive drugs. The prolonged use of drugs may lead to dependence of the body upon them.

WHO (1946) has introduced the term drug dependence in place of drug addiction.

There Are Two Kinds Of Drug Dependences Namely Physical And Psychological Dependence:

Psychological Dependence 

It starts when the individual assumes that the normal condition of well-being is achieved only through drugs.

Physical Dependence 

It is a changed physiological state produced by repeated intake of a drug which becomes necessary to maintain physiological equilibrium. The nervous system becomes addicted to drugs, so it is called ‘neuroadaptations.’

Drugs Causing Reliance

Drugs producing physical addiction are opiates, barbiturates, and other depressants including benzodiazepines and alcohol. Cocaine, smack, LSD and cannabis produce dependence.

Ecstasy Drug

MDMA or methylenedioxy methamphetamine has CNS – excitant and hallucinogenic properties. It increases communication.  It has become popular among students under the ecstasy drug.

Adolescence and Drug Abuse

Curiosity, excitement and the need for adventure and experimentation are common causes that motivate young boys and girls towards drug use. Youngsters start taking drugs as they want to be ‘cool’. Unstable and unsupportive family structures have been seen to be associated with drug abuse among adolescents.

Effects of Drugs Abuse

  • Nervousness and Psychosis:

Drug addicts often come across this problem; they neglect their studies, duty and bring frustration not only for themselves but also for their family and community. They may lead to traffic accidents.

  • Aids and Hepatitis:

Studies have shown that AIDS and Hepatitis-B are common in addicts using intravenous drugs.

Misuse of Drugs to Enhance Performance by a Certain Spokesperson

Misuse of drugs is done by certain sportspersons to increase their performance but at the same time, these anabolic steroids have plenty of side effects in both male and female.

Impotency and chromosomal aberrations and also leads to hormonal changes.

Victims of Various Diseases

Continuous use of drugs causes permanent damage to some organs and the body fails to work without the drugs.

Effects on Family and Society:

Drugs ruin lives, not only of the person who becomes drug addicts but alit brings miseries to the entire family.

Since drug abused get drugs from illegal sources, they encourage smuggling and other unlawful activities.

De-addiction and Prevention

If remedial measures are taken on time treatment of patients can lead to a de-addiction. Seeking professional and medical help can help them in getting rid of drug addiction.


At last using drugs without any prescription is illegal, any condition can’t define it as coolness or smartest act because in reality drugs ruin lives.

Avoid this kind of drug addiction which leads you to the wrong path. Parents and peers must pay attention to their children to prevent this problem.