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Get To Know About Is Alcohol A Drug          

The cases of alcohol consumption are increasing daily. Many people are consuming alcohol despite being aware of the different troubles which this drink has on our health. Here, we will discuss the different effects of alcohol on the human body. You must be wondering, is alcohol a drug?

Health risks of alcohol consumption

Headache and dizziness are two of the most common problems associated with alcohol. The central nervous system is severely affected by alcohol consumption. People may not recollect the events they were engaged in during excessive drinking as the memory cells fail to coordinate properly. The next day, the body still feels dizzy and is likely to be accompanied by severe headaches.

When alcohol is consumed over a long period, the person may become susceptible to cancer. The liver is perhaps one of the worst affected organs. Most of the liver cirrhosis patients have been spotted to being heavy consumers of alcohol.

Even pancreatitis can be caused due to alcohol. Alcohol interferes with the working of many different body parts and can shut down the brain for a few hours. However, this happens only with excessive drinking. The balance of the body is lost, and people may be in a state of incoherence. They may commit things in a subconscious state of mind. In some cases, alcohol has managed to poison the body too, which could lead to instant death. However, such cases have been reported on very rare occasions.

High Risk:

People who consume a lot of alcohol run a high risk of heart disease too. Alcohol is not good for the human heart, and thus, heart patients should strictly refrain from using any amount of alcohol. It can be a possible cause of dementia as well.

One of the biggest problems of alcohol consumption is mental sickness. People may exhibit antisocial behaviors under the influence of alcohol. The fact that the brain cells do not function properly further augments such behavior. It can be a possible cause of melancholy. Alcohol is an addictive drink, and thus, people may start showing dependency symptoms.

So, the smartness lies in avoiding the consumption of alcohol. Another alternative is to regulate alcohol consumption by drinking it in an extremely minute quantity such that it does not harm the body.