Episode 4 – Mining Boom – Season 1 – Comedy Web Series

Champion Cuz! So just fill it up halfway,
toilets to your right.
yeah no worries huh too easy hey what the fuck man Oh haven’t you heard the new rules? All
urine tests need to be witnessed now after an incident with somebody trying
to use a condom full of somebody else’s urine. Fuckin geezer!
Think quick, I’ll just pull my cock out and pretend I can’t go hmm what? sorry? What’s that mmm? I don’t know nothing out here hmm What the fuck man? You’re enjoying
this! Mr. Baker I can assure you this is a professional operation we do this
several times a day This is too weird man, I can’t go anyway. Oh man, I’m actually about to piss myself.
I’ve got this aye. I’ll take the cup, run to the toilet before he gets there, rip a
bigger hole and the dinger to fill up the cup quick, by the time he gets there
I’ll just be pissing the rest in the toilet more normal Yeah righto, ready now.
Fantastic. Come on, come on, prick and rip. Big hole. Rip ya bastard! …and I’ve stabbed my dick. Hmmm So, am I gone? Yeah, that’s what they want… I’m gonna book you- Fuck this joint anyway!
This is bullshit the only reason I had duty piss is because I was meant to be flying out but I did the righty by you by staying an extra week. I wasn’t even part of this incident! You signed me onto the permit and I wasn’t even on site, what kind of dodgy,
shit show you running? Is that the JHA? You know what these are good for? No one fucking reads them! What’s the point you have to sign them anyway! Stop it! …are these your clear safety glasses? You know what these are good for? That’s enough! Try wearing these fuckers in a steamy tank! You might as well have us blindfolded. You know what wheel chocks are good for? What? Are you gonna shove
wheel chocks up your date? Yes I fucking am! Okay they’re a bit rough, but they’re
good for running the c*nts over because you never remember the stupid
fucking things are there! Is that roast beef from camp? You know what that overcooked, dry shits good for? You’re not wiping your arse on my smoko! Stop rubbing your ring on everything! What I was about to say, was I’m booking you into group therapy. I pulled every string- What? I told them you need another chance, and
rather than sacking you we could look at counseling. Yeah, I made up some shit
about you having a hard time at home and that you’re just a bit fucked in the
head at the moment. Thanks. Look, I’m in the shit too with this
permit thing, which I know is what dragged you into the shit, and yeah we’re
struggling to get people, we spent a fortune on tickets- Group sex? Group therapy, it’s quite different. Do the classes, get a urine sample and we’re allowed a fly you back to work. Right. Um, about the- You fly out in an hour take everything you just wiped your ass on and go Roger.

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