Framework: A simple idea

Framework: A simple idea

Framework is about a simple idea. It’s the idea that every homebuyer should educate themselves about the mortgage process and the responsibilities of homeownership. And once they have their home, keep learning so they can protect their investment. And, doing it should be easy and affordable. I think it’s a game changer. I think we’re going to see this tool literally used throughout the mortgage system. I think it’s going to be key to helping us replace the millions of homeowners that got caught in a bad system and give them opportunity to rebuild communities throughout the country. It’s not just about getting people into a home, it’s about keeping them there. And helping them to be happy, successful homeowners in the long term. We launched framework in 2012 because of two things: First, we saw that while both the market and the homebuyers had changed the way people approached buying and owning a home actually hadn’t. And second, the research was so clear: homebuyers who get education and advising are more likely to stay in their homes. So, we’ve taken a comprehensive, objective curriculum developed by two national, HUD-approved nonprofits, and delivered it in a way that no one has really seen before. In a way that meets the needs and expectations of today’s homebuyers. It’s about meeting our customers where they are. We live online, and more and more that means on our phones. Framework needs to be right there for homebuyers on-the-go. We put homebuyers needs and wants at the center of everything we do, including our design process. We asked almost 3,000 homebuyers what they wanted in an online course and their response couldn’t have been more clear. It had to be easy to use, interactive, and engaging. And it had to have a clean design. Beautifully designed products aren’t just nice to look at. They enhance our ability to absorb information. So great design is critical to us. It’s part of our commitment to understanding just how adults learn best online. The tech aspect is important, but sometimes people want to pick up the phone and talk to someone they know they can trust. So, we’re making it easier for them to get objective, one-on-one support through a network of our homeownership advisors and our own customer support. As a social enterprise, our ultimate goal is to strengthen our communities. So, we’re out to shift the whole market into a place where it’s no longer about pre-purchase or post-purchase. It’s about smart homeownership all along the way. And where education is everyone’s first step. Buying a home is just beginning. It’s incredibly important for people to understand the home buying process, but in a heartbeat, they’re filing their taxes as a homeowner for the first time, or wondering how to budget for a new roof. We want framework to be the trusted advisor that every homebuyer and homeowner knows they can turn to for education, tools, and advice. For all things smart homeownership. I think it is one of the most exciting things that I’ve had a chance to work on, because it can impact thousands and millions of families, but importantly hundreds and thousands of neighborhoods and communities.


  1. Stupid thing jumped from the first part of he first lesson to 2hrs and 45 mins of YouTube videos that weren't part of the lesson!!!!!! Not cool at all!!!!!

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