Full Stack Web Development 02 – HTML – The Basics

Hello, Namaskar Welcome to the second video “HTML – The Basics” of Full Stack Web Development Series by CodePati We will talk about Basics of HTML in this video What is HTML? HTML is a Markup Language which can be used for creating web pages & web documents by using Markup Tags Full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language We can use HTML to create web documents & web pages by using Markup Tags. HTML is not a Programming language To be a programming language there should be loops, variables, constants, conditions and logics. HTML doesn’t have these all. HTML Tags are used for creating HTML documents. HTML Tags are surrounded by Angle Brackets(less than & greater than) For Example:

(paragraph tag) We have given example by using

tag below

Hello Everyone

These all tags, I mean surrounded by angle bracketsare HTML Tags. So How is HTML Page Structured? what is the page structure when we create a web page. At firstis not a HTML Tag but it’s a Doctype Declaration of HTML Which means DOCTYPE declares which version of HTML or XHTML are we using in our HTML file. After DOCTYPE we should opentag And we should closetag in the last. We should strictly close HTML tags after opening them. Otherwise we are violating HTML rules or we are not getting the expected results. All other HTML tags should be insidetag. And there shuld be two sections insidetag. they are&Head section is opened at top and closed. And there istag insideTag Everything insidetags are used to provide the information of webpage For Example<title>, which adds title of the webpage to Browser’s titlebar. We can write CSS (Stylesheet codes) insidetag We can write Javascript codes insidetag If JS & CSS files are placed in different place or folder, we can link them insidetag. Then,tag. Everything we see in every websites / webpages are placed insidetag. we cannot see anything placed insidetag but we can see everything placed insidetag. Let’s talk about Common Doctype Declaration In HTML5, just by writingBrowser recognizes the file & codes inside the file are HTML File & HTML syntax Before HTML5. HTML4 & XHTML (Extensible HTML or Strict HTML) were based on SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) HTML & XHTML were based on SGML so DTD (Document Type Definition) needed to be declared inBut, HTML5 is not based on SGML. So we can just write. We don’t need to write DTD inside DOCTYPE Declaration. Now, Lets talk about closing tags. As I’ve mentioned before, every tag should be closed after opening them. But, there are some tags which we don’t need to close For example Line Break Tag
tags,tags They were self-close automatically. But… There are rules of XHTML (Strict HTML). For example tags should be strictly closed after opening. To follow the rules of XHTML and write codes in XHTML We must close the tags inside angle brackets. eg.
They can be closed by adding slash / to the tags. which means we don’t need to close these tags like

. (
is Wrong) Let’s talk about the most common tags used for creating web pages.

tag is used for creating paragraphs in the webpage. Likewise, Heading Tags

is the largest heading and

is the smallest heading

is larger than


is larger than

Links are for linking one webpage to another.tags are used for creating links in webpage.tags are used for inserting images to the webpage.

    for unordered (bullet) list.
    tag for ordered (numbered) lists.

  1. is to create list items inside
      tag is for creating tables in webpage.

      tag for creating forms in webpage.tags for creating input fields inside form. Eg: textbox, radio button, checkbox.

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