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Hello Hello Is it Mr. Subba Rao? Yes, I am Subba Rao There is no power since morning in our street! There is problem in the sub station It will come after an hour! Seems like you are a small boy, who are you? My name is Bablu sir Oh, what are you studying? I am studying class X Seems like you are struggling to study without fan No no, nothing of that sort I want to do tic tok in my dad’s phone & it does not have charging… Baby I want to tell you something! What is that? I have become pregnant! Is it? She is here We liked each other & did this together! Now let us stay together!! Thus went to temple & did puja for the wellbeing of our kid! Did I call you in hurry? Actually I have to tell it to Bharath Its already 6pm, why have you not come home? Pushpavati I will not come home People are seeing me like a dog! People in office are also treating me like that only! Do not demotivate yourself like that! Even Chanti is treating me like that, I feel like dying! Don’t bark like dog, people will listen. Come home fast! Instead of taking MPC, BiPC & CEC it is better to take TC & sit at home! I am unable to study! Hey Dumbo I have told you many times don’t call me often as my cell is with mom What, your phone will always be with mom? SO has your mother caught you anytime when I called you? No, since I have saved your number as battery low Every time you call, she thinks its low battery & gives it to me for charging Oh God, its 12am There is no one on road! There are dogs too! I am getting scared What to do now? Idea ** Kg onion 5rs ** ** We want 50 kg, where is it ** I was waiting for cab There was no one on road! I was getting scared, thus I did like this! Hi pinky I wanted to tell you this since many days! Take this flower, I love you! You love me so much? Yes, like Nagarjuna in Geethanjali Like Bharath in Premiste Like Vijay Devarakonda in Arjun Reddy I love you a lot Really? Do you smoke & drink? If friends force me in party I just drink something between a quarter & half! 7 or 8 pegs I smoke 1 or 2 cigar packets Will you quit smoking & drinking for me? Should I quit? It is a little difficult but I will quit for you! You will quit really? ** Seems like the girl is getting connected, common ** They are nothing infront of you, I will quit! Since you are ready to quit smoking & drinking for me What is the guarantee that you will not leave me tomorrow? ** Begging in style ** Wait here, I will come! You brought pulihora? Why are you pulling the plate front & back? Nothing, my husband will also come in 10 mins Then I can serve both of your together!! Hey, you came down? You said, you will sleep? Are you not sleepy? Don’t know,. Not feeling sleepy! Then why waste time, go & wash the clothes!! Don’t know what happened, I am extremely sleepy don’t wake me the entire day today!! Not understanding what to do! How… Hi Mr Rutherford whats up? Wait! What is he thinking? Let me ask What are you thinking so deeply? I have to transfer a big amount to my bank, not understanding how! Thinking of that only! What is there so much to think about? Many apps like Gpay, BHIM, PhonePay, PayTm have come up You can transfer any amount via these apps! I have already tried all of that, nothing is working! Thinking of some better option Hey did you try NEFT or IMPS? Oh, something like this also exists? Please help me transfer the amount bro! Give me your phone! Take it Whom to send the amount to? Why will I get tensed if I had to transfer it to someone else? Money from my mind has to be sent to my account, send fast! Doctor This patient is scared to take treatment, please give him courage Don’t worry Mr. Our hospitals treats patients very well! If something goes wrong, we give a family member job too! Is that the reason compounders are more than patients? Enough of punch, tell me your problem! Nothing doctor, noise is coming when I cough! Just like this Hello Okay, I will tell our doctor! Doctor Amfut College needs 7 urgently itseems doctor! Is it? Get him ready for operation urgently!!!

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