Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 129 | Comedy Web Series | By Nagendra K | TeluguOne

Fun Bucket JUNIORS | Episode 129 | Comedy Web Series | By Nagendra K | TeluguOne

KNOWLEDGE What is its meaning? Bro, what is the meaning of this? Knowledge… College… I don’t know dear! We should thank God bro. Why? For not making us born in America I did not understand! We are unable to understand this small word in English But if we were born in America? We would have lost our minds for their kind of conversation Hey Gullu These days you are not listening to me But see my friends say so much about their brothers But I feel ashamed to speak about you! Ok bro From now on wards I will do whatever you tell I will eat whatever you eat! In short, I will start following you! Okay, lets see Sir, your order sir? Hey, tell what will you eat? Bro, I told you right I will eat whatever you eat! Bro, get a menu card Bro Not one, get two menu cards I told you right, I will eat whatever you eat? How did you break your hands, what should I tell mom & dad? My friend Rahul, got a brick & threw it on me, the brick broke I said I will also beat & bought a brick And when I bet, my hands broke How did it break? Let me show… It broke like this! Good morning g teacher Good morning children, sit down Thank you teacher Today, I will tell you the difference between apple & custard apple Should you tell that, I already know that What do you know? Tell me Apple can be ate easily! Custard apple should be ate with difficulty! Hey guys, you ate? Is the food nice? Yes, it is nice! Very nice dude! Hey, why did you give me only Rs.50/-? What is written there? 50rs for one brain! Which I gave right? What about him? He does not have brain, you can ask questions to check What is this? A flower A flower? I told you right? What is this? This Pen A pen? Should I write? No need bro You were right, he does not have brain. I told right, he does not have brain!! I got saved because I had brain! Else my hands would have been bleeding! I was thinking about 500 & lost 100rs Don’t know why I meet such people! What happened daddy? A man cheated me & took away 100rs from me! What he cheated you & took away 100rs? Hey how did he do that? Why are you getting so excited? If he has cheated you, then he is surely the godfather of cheaters! Btw, what happened? A person was doing magic He said he will turn, 100rs into 500rs I gave him 100 & then he gave me this 500 So? There is the real twist! This is a fake note itseems When I went to change it, they asked me to get out When I went & asked him, he said how will I get a vanished note? That is why you should not behave crazy Btw, who is he & where does he stay? It is he Okay, now see! Stupid Wow You are doing wonderful magic uncle! Thank You I also know a magic, should I do? What is it? Bro

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Bro Bro Bro Bro Should I do this to you too? No no no If I should not do, give me 2000rs 2000? Will you not give me? Take While I am taking money from others, she has taken money from me!! Bro, you can now get up! Uncle, take this 100rs for your acting! Swamy As soon as you came here, I understood your problem Some problem in your heart right? Yes Swami Let me remove it out Mom Really, ok! Mother is hungry itseems! Understood Swamy! Open your mouth! Your problem is now in this pot, see! Swamy These many days, did I have this stone in my heart? Today it is just a stone, tomorrow it would have become a mountain. Thank you Swamy Tell me child… Swamy, what is this root & what are those leaves? Each one of these have special significances! Really, what is the significance of root? If you keep this root under your pillow, you will become a millionaire Oh, then what is the significance of this leaf swamy? This leaf has a great significance If you tie it to your leg, you can mug up any number of books! What is that pot Swamy? That pot is very spiritual! If you take bath at 12.00am & ask something, you will get all of that! Oh.. What do you want? I do not need anything Swamy! But I have a small doubt! What is that? With this, we get wealth you said! With that, we get good education! And with that, we get everything we need! Yes With all these powers, why are you still on roads? Pragnya What happened, why are you crying? On my way back, a plane accident occurred daddy! Got hurt badly! What? Plane accident? I cannot see any scars in your body? Plane was going in the sky! I was walking seeing the plane in the sky While walking… There was a pothole which I did not see & fell down And I met with an accident!


  1. Akka priyanka nee maranam vala marana sasanam neku athmasanthi kaligela theerpu istharani korukuntu oka thammudi avedhana

  2. Really we have to be shameful for the incident done for priyanka reddy. Ho did that 4 idiots got a thought of doing like that.

  3. Yes sisters it was shameful act we should respond but it's too late to respond but we should not make another priyanka reddy we should fight

  4. అమ్ము కామెంట్స్ లాస్ట్ లో బాగాలేవు. మీ ఇంట్లో ఏంటండీ. దారుణం జరిగింది.అందుకు మనం బాధపడాలి. కానీ మన viewers ఇంట్లో వాళ్లకు కూడా అలా జరగాలని కూడా fun bucket వాళ్ళు కోరుకుంటున్నారా?

  5. Abha atlana bhaya miru vundedi hyd lo ne kada miru am chesthunatu
    Antha aipoyaka like la kosam share la kosam ela petadam thapa
    Sare bhaya okati matram chepu andhariki
    Real male doesn't rape female
    Real female doesn't cheat male
    Second dhi correct vuntey 1st dhi automatic ga correct avthadi

  6. Laughed all through but cried towards the end. What kind of bloody laws we have. Crime is very clear and evident then why they are protected for some days meanwhile the heat of the incident will be off.

  7. Hai team I like all your episodes very much the ideas behind that are very impressive and also creative,i am interested to be a part of your team so is there any chance for me..

  8. 8:05 naku kooda same feeling bro . Chala mandhi jathakam cheptha Ani vastharu nijanga vaallaku Anni powers unte vaallu endhuku bagupadaru

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