@ Firebase Summit @ Firebase Summit

Hi, this is Erin Cannon and I’m here at Madrid
at the Firebase Summit. And today, we’re going to
check out the Zone. What are your early impressions
of and how that might help in your journey? SPEAKER 2: I think it’s
a really good initiative. We have a pretty good
couple of tools already. We have codelabs. We have GitLab. This is centralizing
everything in one platform. SPEAKER 3: It’s so cool to
have everything at one place. SPEAKER 4: A-Systems,
Android, Web BBAs, everything you want to find. SPEAKER 5: Its
basically a platform where you can learn everything
about Google technologies and can find a lot
of documentation, codelabs, tutorial, whatsoever. SPEAKER 6: It’s a
platform that you would want to
check out if you’re looking for options
to set up especially for software related setup. It’s easy for me to explore. SPEAKER 7: Projects
like this and like really good documentation and
accessible things like games and like these
training programs, I think are really,
really important. And I think they kind of lower
not only the actual barrier for entry for people in
tech, but I think they, more importantly, kind of lower
the level of intimidation. And they make it feel accessible
and they make it feel fun. SPEAKER 2: It also has
playlists and links to videos so I think it’ll be
pretty interesting. And a really good
resource to just pointing to somebody with
ambition to say, hey, if you want to learn about
something, just go here. ERIN MINDELL
CANNON: Great stuff! We’ll see you at the
next Zone.

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