Homepage Design: Payment Forms | UX/UI Design | Product Design | Udacity

Homepage Design: Payment Forms | UX/UI Design | Product Design | Udacity

Payment forms are another type of form
that you’ll likely use in your product. You’ll want to keep these simple and
easy to use, so that way the user can focus
on purchasing the product. You’ll also want to provide
different payment options. This form looks a little long, but at least there are different options for
payment. Gumroad is a startup that
does this really well. Gumroad connects sellers of
digital products to buyers. You could sell or
buy a variety of things in Gumroad. Let’s say I wanted to buy
a music management book. I could click on I want this, and I get
redirected to the simplest payment form. However, don’t mistake simplicity for
lack of design. The devil is in the details with
this form, and there are so many great details. The price for
the item is clearly displayed here. Input place holders describe
what each field should contain. And even on the credit card, we can see that the format hints at
the spacing groups of four numbers. I also need to enter a two digit month,
a two digit year, and a CB code. When I start typing in
my payment information, the form selects the credit
card that I’m using. Don’t worry, this isn’t my credit card. Many credit card companies
have reserved prefixes. Eventually I’ll have to enter
at CVV code as well, and this form tells me where to find it. For Visa its on the back
of the credit card. For other credit cards,
such as American Express, we can see that the CV code is
on the front of the credit card. Now, the one thing missing from this
form, is some indication of trust. There’s a lock down here, but
I don’t really know what this means. Another website, called UXPin,
reminds users about security and encryption on their payment form. Some other sites use logos like these
to remind users about secure payment methods. These types of details
increase conversions and make for great user experiences. They can make your users love not only
your product, but also how they buy it.

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