How Mentorship Changed Stephanie’s Life

Hi my name is Stephanie and I’m a frontend
web development student at OpenClassrooms I think my favorite thing about OpenClassrooms
is the fact that they are really people oriented and they really care about you. I think a way
of seeing that is the mentoring program. I think my mentor has definitely made a huge
impact in my life. She doesn’t only focus on the fact that I am doing things technically
correct in terms of theory and in terms of coding but also in the fact that I am okay
as a person and I think the whole team at OpenClassrooms is really focused on that which
makes you feel taken care of. They have great courses that teach you the
theory but the fact that you have projects makes you realise that all the knowledge you
have it’s actually appliable into something which I think prepares you for the work out
there and it’s really nice to come out of your career with a portfolio already to show
which I think is not something that you find often and it’s something I’ve cherished a
lot throughout this career. So basically the way the mentoring process works is you meet
every week with a particular mentor that helps you throughout your projects I think technology
is a career that can get very stressful from time to time I think you can get very stuck
in something and if you don’t have somebody there to kind of like hold your hand and
be like “you got this”, it can become a little frustrating. I think that’s what my mentor has done for
me. Being able to push me and make sure I reach
my full potential. It’s nice to have somebody looking out for
you and caring for you and it makes you want to care for yourself a little bit more I think. Before I came into OpenClassrooms I think
I was a person that was very away from technology. I was really into art, I was really into languages. I was everything that you would not think
of when you see programming but I found the challenge and I liked it. I think I found this whole thing by a coincidence
and stayed by choice and I think it’s the best choice I’ve made so far.

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