How to Add a Facebook Like Button on WordPress

How to Add a Facebook Like Button on WordPress

Hi guys my name is Martie from
also known as let’s build WordPress on YouTube and today I’m gonna show you how to add a
simple but effective Facebook like box to your WordPress website or blog
we’re gonna do this using a free plugin called easy Facebook Like Box and I’m gonna show
you how to set it up now okay so the first thing you want to do is
just make sure you’re logged into your WordPress site
and then navigate to the dashboard by hovering over your website name at the top and clicking
dashboard then on the left hand side just click where
it says plugins and then up at the top “Add New”
then in the search bar in the top right just type in the words “easy Facebook like box”
then hit return on your keyboard and it should be this first one here
once you find it just click “Install Now” and then here where it says activate plugin
as you can see here the plugin has not been activated
now we’re gonna wanna head over to your widget areas where we’ll be able to add the Facebook
Like Box to our site so on the left hand side just click where
it says “appearance” and then under that click “widgets”
now I’m going to be adding the like box to my right side bar
but you can actually added to any widget area you like
I just think it’s normally best in the sidebar but depending on the theme you’re using
there might be a better place for you to put it
I’m gonna put my like box above the recent post widgets here in the right side bar
once you decide where you’re going to put yours you can just click and drag the Facebook
like box widget in the place and then you just needed to fill
all the few details so widget title this is what you want to appear
above the Facebook like box and that’s a look different depending on what
theme you’re using so you can just type in something like are
you on Facebook or like us on Facebook or something like that
I’m just gonna type Like us on Facebook and then here where it says Facebook page
URL you just want to go to your page on Facebook
and copy the URL and paste it in here
for width and height you can just leave these blank
the default size is pretty good if you wanna make it any bigger or smaller
you can just change it here for color scheme you can choose between light
or dark depending on what theme you’re using I’m using a light theme so I’m gonna leave
it on light there’s a few other options here issue that
show faces, that show posts you can check these if you like
but I prefer to leave it blank I just like the Like Box
once you’re done with everything here you can just click “save”
then when we visit our site you see that the Facebook Like Box is not
here so this is the widget title that we added
in here the page name will be there by default
and so will be profile image and then they’ll be the like box here
so as you can see adding a Facebook Like Box to your WordPress website or blog is pretty
simple and easy to do I hope you found this video useful
and if you have please feel free to like it and subscribe to my YouTube channel
my name’s Martie from thank you very much for watching


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