How To Add Scripts To The Head of Your Website

How To Add Scripts To The Head of Your Website

Hi guys and welcome to another Divi
WordPress theme tutorial this is Jamie from and well we just had a question here on one of these Divi things asking
where ky insert the viewport meta tag code meta name viewport content etc in
the Divi theme I think this viewport meta tag is needed
from mobile optimization well yes it is but with Divi it’s already actually
built-in so you don’t need to put it in there he’s asked me to do a tutorial on
it okay well let’s copy this meta time that
he’s got here for a start and if you do decide you want to do this this is how
you do it but you don’t need to do this but for other scripts you might need to
do just go your dashboard down to Divi 2 theme option over to the integration tab and this is
where you put the code in the head of your blog and there’s various do
kind of scripts and codes you can put in there but anything that needs to go what
they say before the closing head tag of your page I’ll show you what that is in
a moment is wants to go here and anything wants to go in the body wants
to go here and as you can see here I’ve got my font
awesome CSS in there so I can use fun awesome on my site and if you wanted to
put that in here which I don’t actually recommend because it’s already there
that’s all you do just paste it in like that
now I’m gonna undo that I’m not gonna save it and let’s go back and visit our
site let’s go to a page where we can see
what’s going on okay now I’m using Google Chrome here
quite a lot of these other browsers have it now an inspector feature so if I just
hit f12 on my keyboard or you can right click and hit inspect
however you like to do it brings up this inspector tag which tells us what’s
going on on this page here and if we go up to the top here’s the
opening of our HTML document which is this whole page right here here’s what
we were talking about just now the head tag we go back here to the head of your
blog and what you can do just click the little
arrow to the left of it there and it’ll open it up and show you everything
that’s inside there you can get some great information from inspecting a page
if you want to find out what’s going on you can find out what the theme is what
plugins are being used used to be you’d have a meta keywords up here as well you
can find out what keywords people had on their site if it was ranking well as
well but recently people don’t use meta keywords
anymore because Google’s got to wise to them and to many people were doing
keyboard stuffing keywords stuffing I should say there’s the end of the head
tag so that’s where it closes and if we look up here you’ll see meta name
viewport so it’s already got this built in so I hope that answers your question
you don’t need to add that to the Divi theme it’s already got it built in if
you need to check just hit this f12 button and it’ll do it for you
you so there’s a list of all the things are
in your head tag there you do need to put some scripts in there like I say I’m
using my script for my font awesome icons which are by going on this page
these little icons right here you
and occasionally you will need to put scripts in there for the divi but in
this case it’s just not necessary so up I don’t recommend you do that because it’s already built-in and you
don’t really want to double up on it that’s for sure so I hope that’s
answered your question a very short tutorial very short little
video there and like I said I hope that’s answered your question
I’m not what have you never tried that’s your name I’m sorry but if you have any
others please let me know so I hope you’ve enjoyed that and found it useful
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comm thanks for watching have a great day


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    Please make one tutorials on how to increase speed of divi website & how to speed up divi loading time.

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