How to be a fullstack developer

How to be a fullstack developer

how to be a full-stack developer companies are now hiring full stack
developer instead of hiring front end or a back-end developer in this video we
will see how to be a full stack developer and what are the technologies
required to be a full stack developer at a full fledge hi I am Gourab and you are
watching code space tutorial so why there is a high demand of full stack
developer before that let’s see what is the role of a front-end developer
fount-end developer is responsible for all the user interface the look and feel
of any web site Android application iOS application or even a BlackBerry app or
a Nokia app looks like his technology involves writing the designing in a
plain page or using balsamic to design the wireframes and then converting those
where frames to actual web pages including HTML CSS JavaScript as
foundation and angular reactjs and veujs for advanced web technologies and
other plugins like angular material bootstrap for UI design and UX feel on
the other hand the back-end developer doesn’t bother about the look and feel
of the application or the website the more concerned about how to process or
store the data which REST API to call which algorithm to use whether to cache
the data and fetch it faster or use it live technology involves a Java Python
nodejs dotnet PHP and advanced technologies involved like for Java it’s
spring hibernate his is more concerned in a database site like SQL MySQL
Postgres no SQL like dynamodb MongoDB weather too have it
the infrastructure on-premise or on the cloud, that’s the concern for the back-end
developer including DevOps now full stack developer it’s a big question full
stack equals to back-end plus front-end plus X Factor I’ll explain the X factor
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developers is on the rise pick any combination and you are good to go
Java plus angular plus x factor, nodejs plus angular plus that X Factor or even
you can choose like dotnet reactjs plus that X or PHP or even node.js
plus react.js plus X Factor so you master in at least one backend
technology like PHP Python and one front-end technology
like angularjs reactjs vuejs and have strong grasp on the fundamentals like
algorithms and data structure HTML CSS JavaScript and object-oriented
programming and learn some shell scripting to deploy and deployment in
any infrastructure like Linux or a Windows or a Mac OS which is actually
the X factor that’s all for this tutorial so full step equals to back-end
plus front-end plus DevOps for any doubt write in the comment section below
thanks for watching this video


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