How to Build & Design a Website : Website Homepage Design

This Rick kennedy for expert village showing
you haw to do your own website. Now we wanna get started. The first page we wanna start
on we wanna start on our home page . We gonna get into puttin together our homepage. So
as u can see in our area the page setup is in a white background but we wanna add our
banner to the page and also the marque image that were gonna use. The first thing were
gonna add is our banner.
Go to insert, image, then go to sites and servers, click front page, hit ok. There we
go we got our banner in there and it looks good too. Now the next thing that we want
on our front page is our marquee image that we wanna use. Insert in here as well. Click
images then go to server/site again and then frontpage. There its is right there. So now
what we wanna do we wanna preview our homepage. Ofcourse we wanna save it. The homepage is actually the first page your
gonna see when you go to the website and we really wanna keep it simple for this tutorial
our product the image that we design in the photoshop program. Its gonna give you a really
really nice look. The window shows what it looks like in the web browser.

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