How to Change the Font Size in WordPress (3 Different Options)

How to Change the Font Size in WordPress (3 Different Options)

Do you want to change the font size in
your WordPress posts or pages? Well keep watching. In this video I’ll show you
three methods you can use to change your font size in WordPress. Method one is
probably the easiest way to do it and it’s by changing the paragraph headings
on your posts or pages. To show you what I mean let’s head over to our WordPress
dashboard, we’ll go to posts, all posts I want to edit a post that we’re working
on so we’ll do the hello world and from here you see paragraph. If I want to
change any of this I can simply click on the paragraph and decide which one I
want to use like that. Now these sizes are controlled by your theme’s style
sheet so just know that if you have a different theme it might look a little
different here but that’s a real quick way to change up the font size like that.
Now if you want a little bit more control over the font sizes and the text
formatting then you’ll want to install the TinyMCE Advanced plugin. To do that
we’ll head over to our plugins area let’s click add new and in the search
box we’re looking for TinyMCE. This is the one we want so let’s go ahead and
install that now and once you install it you’ll need to click activate as well.
Now that it’s activated we can go in and set it up. You can either go settings
here or if you’re ever at your dashboard and you need to access it you can also
go from settings here and you see the TinyMCE Advanced tab right there. You
see up here are the buttons that are being used and down here are the unused
buttons that you can pull up and drag up for it. By default they’ve already put
the font family and the font size buttons up here so all we need to do is
scroll down and click Save Changes. Now we can go back to the posts we were
working on I’ll open up hello world and from here you can highlight the areas
that you want to change, you can pick the font size that you want, you can also
pick the font family from here so that’s a great way to get a little bit more
granular control over your fonts on your website. Now the third method uses a
little bit of code and it simply changes your overall font size of
your paragraphs using CSS. So to do that I’m going to exit out of here, we want to
go to our Appearance Customize area. Your theme may be different but you should
have the additional CSS tab right there where we’ll add a little bit of extra
CSS to control it so I want to show you what it looks like so I’m going to click
on my hello world we can make changes in real time to see what it looks like
before we save those changes. I’ll show you what I mean. So from here we want to
add a bit of code about the paragraph so we’ll type that in, we want to change the
font size and you can play with the font size here.
You see as soon as I make those changes, let me go ahead and finish that off with
my semicolon, this is a perfectly fine piece of code that you can adjust. So
here you just want to play with the code to see what size you want it and it’s
only changing the paragraph coding and the beauty of that is once we’re happy
with the size that we want, once we click publish it’ll be available to the whole
site and across the board. So those are three methods you can use to change the
font size in WordPress. Did you learn something from today’s video? If so
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manage your WordPress website and thanks for watching


  1. Question: so I pasted a custom CSS sample from a css text site, and I get extra code href bits which I'm supposed to paste in the site head tag or something? I'm confused. So far the template is not displaying the fonts correctly. What do I do?

  2. Thank you so much. Spent hours viewing/considering other themes all because of the post font size. Just too small to expect anyone to comfortably enjoy.

  3. It's an old version of WordPress.. This not work anymore.

    It's terrible to convert text into heading WordPress in latest version.

  4. I mean i can i change the Name of the post ??? for example that "Hello world" part. How can i change the font of that part ?????????

  5. What's good about your video:
    1. You are not a slow speaker so it doesn't make viewers feel bored
    2. You don't sound draggy and soft
    3. Useful info for those who need it NOW and IMMEDIATELY

    Others need to learn from you

  6. Figured out how to add h2 heading and take out the break before main paragraph text. However, once I go back to the visual editor, the paragraph text is smaller. Can you tell me what I need to change with html? Now my other paragraphs that don't have headings have larger font than paragraphs with h2. 🙁

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