How to Change the Home Page in Internet Explorer

How to Change the Home Page in Internet Explorer

Hello, everyone!
My name is Boto, and today I’m going to show you how
to change your home page in Internet Explorer. Whenever you open up Internet Explorer,
and you haven’t changed any settings, this is the page you’ll more than likely see. It will redirect you to Now, a lot of people want their home
page to be Just because it’s convenient,
it’s familiar, that’s what most people like. So, to make this our home page,
an easy way to do it from any page, is to go to this gear icon at the top,
known as “Tools”. And you move down to
“Internet Options”. And in this box right here,
where it says, we want to hit “backspace”
and get rid of it. And we’ll type in Google’s URL. So, And then we’re going to start
with the home page on startup of our browser here,
which is Internet Explorer. We’ll hit “Apply” and “OK”. So now, whenever we go to Internet Explorer,
Google is the first page we see. I hope you found this tutorial useful,
and I’ll see you again in the future! Bye-bye!

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