How To Charge Cordless Drill Battery Without Charger

How To Charge Cordless Drill Battery Without Charger

Hello and welcome In this video you can see how to repair a cordless drill battery and 4 ways to charge if you lost original charger or it is broken Because the cells on the battery were broken I replaced them with three
cells that I recovered from the best cordless drill with broken motor. We need to add two connectors to the battery One male JST and one DEANS
As you can see in this schematic This is easy to make, be careful with wires order and polarity This fix is only for li-ion battery The battery in the video has 12v from three 18650 cells It is very important that the charger can charge each cell individually If not, the battery pack will not be balanced and will not be efficient For example I connected two batteries to a voltmeter The first one is balanced, all 3 cells have about 3.8 volts The second battery is not balanced, cell nr.1 has only 3.7volts This is a dangerous situation if you try to charge the pack without a smart charger There are few ways to charge the battery safe and efficient The first one is: charging it with a smart charger like Imax B6 But the charger is expensive Imax B6 can charge and balance the battery pack without any problem It can also test how many mah the battery can deliver The second: With the help of a simple li-ion 3s charger It is cheaper and it has charging and balancing function The third: With a 3sBMS(Battery Management System) We need to add a JST connector and a 2.1 mm connector to it The 2.1mm connector will make conection with the 12v dc charger It is a cheap and efficient solution because it has balancing function and short circuit protection It can also be used to safely discharge the battery There are cheaper BMS modules without balancing function But I don’t recommend to use them for charging It will stop charging when the first cell will reach 4.2 volts One ore more cells will not be fully charged The fourth: As efficient as the other three Using TP4056 modules This modules will charge each cell individually The only problem is that each one needs individual 5v 1A source Because the TP 4056 module has common ground and using only best budget cordless drill for all will create a short circuit The power source must be 5v and 1A max I used phone chargers because they deliver 5v 1A and the tp4056 modules have micro usb connector. Please comment if you have questions If you like the video or it helped you don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE and give a Like Thank yo for your visit


  1. I dont know if I learned how to solve my problem. But I absolutely loved listening to and watching this video. Thank you for Sharing your knowledge with the world.

  2. Why is the title in English and the guy isn't explaining it in English? C'mon my dude I can barely see them subtitles give me a break bro learn English

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