How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

How to Create a Contact Form in WordPress

Hi guys, Today we’ll be seeing
how you can Add A Contact Form, to your wordpress website So let’s say you have a website and you want to give your
visitors, a way to contact you You can do that by
adding a contact form So today, We’re going to create a
contact form like this So once you create this form Anyone who is visiting your
site will be able to fill-up this form and when they click ‘submit’ you’ll get an email with
the message they have sent So this will give your
visitors a way to reach you, when they need help or when they
have something to share. Okay! So I’m Subhang from and let’s create
our contact form! We’re going to create
the form in 3 steps The first step is to install a plugin in
wordpress which will help us create the form Okay so to install the plugin Let’s go to our dashboard And then go to ‘Plugins’ and click ‘Add New’ Now search for a
plugin called ‘Ninja Forms’ And you’ll get this plugin So let’s click Install and activate Okay, so the plugin
has been installed And now you’ll see this new
button called ‘ninja forms’ Once, we install the plugin, we can now go to step 2 which is to ‘Create a form’ So to create the form just click ‘Ninja Forms’ And here you can see that,
there is a default contact form So first let’s delete that by clicking here and then click ‘delete’ And it’ll be deleted Now let’s create a new
form, by clicking ‘Add New’ And here, you’ll see
different type of forms you can create I’m going to choose
the ‘contact us’ form And as soon as you click it,
your form will be created! So you can see here that, we
have a simple contact form, which asks for the name,
email, and message & also has a submit button Okay! So once we have
created the form we can go to the next step,
which is to “Add this form, to our website” So to Add this form,
to our website Let’s close this And then go to pages And click ‘add new’ So now we’re going to create
a new page where we can put our contact form So, I’m going to enter the
page title as ‘Contact Us’ And then, to add the form click ‘add form’ And now if you click
this dropdown You’ll see the form which we
created, in the last step So let’s select that And now if we
click ‘insert’ the form will be
inserted into our page Now let’s click ‘publish’ And view the page,
by clicking here Okay! Now as you can see, we
have got our contact form So this is how easily, you can
create a contact form in wordpress So now let’s move to the next part of this tutorial where we see, how you can add the form to pages created with elementor So let’s go to home Now, if you have followed
our previous video you would have pages
like this which were created
with elementor Now, if you want to
add your contact form, to this type of page You can do that in just 3 steps First, go to the page, where you want to add the contact form So if you want to add the form to your about page just go to ‘about’ And then click “edit with elementor” Now in this section search for ‘form’ And you’ll find the
‘ninja forms’ widget Now just go to the place where
you want to add the form, So let’s say you want
to add the form here, So just go there And click the ‘plus’ icon To add a new section Now just drag & drop
the ninja forms, into this section Now choose the form
which you created And then click ‘apply’ And you can see that the
form has been inserted Now if you want to change
the size of the form Just click here And then change the
size of the form, by dragging this slider Now once you’re done, click update And, you can view the
page by clicking here Now if we scroll down you can see that, we now
have our contact form Okay! So this how you can add
your contact form to a page, using elementor Next, let’s test this form and see how it works Okay! So we’ll enter our details And then click ‘submit’ And it says, form
submitted successfully Now as soon as someone
submits this form you should get an email,
with their message So let’s check our email! We’ll go to our inbox And as you can see! We have got an email,
from wordpress, saying that we
have a new message Now if we open this, you can see the message which we
sent in the form Okay! Now to reply to
this message, you can click “reply” And the email will be sent
to that person’s email address Okay! Now this email will be
send to the email id, which you used, while
setting-up wordpress Now, if you want to
change, the email ID, where you receive
your messages You can do that, by
going to your dashboard And then go into settings. and click ‘general’ Now here, you can
change the email ID where you want to receive
the notifications So just change the
address here And scroll down and click ‘save’ Okay! Now you know how the form
works & how to change the email where you
receive notifications Next, what if, you want
to create your own form? Where instead of just,
name & email you can ask for any
information you want? We can do it by creating
our own form using the ninja forms plugin Okay! So to create your own form, just go to your dashboard And click “Ninja Forms” Now click “Add New” And choose the “Blank Form” And now, you will get a
lot of options which can be added to your form Now to create the form, just select the items,
which you want to add I’m going to select these and then finally, I’m going
to add a submit button So once you added
everything Just click ‘done’ And then click ‘publish’ Now it will ask you to
give a name for the form So I’ll call this ‘my form’ And click ‘publish’ And now the form
will be created So, now to add the
form to any page We’ll just close this and go to pages And then go to the page,
where you want to add the form We’ll select the old
form, which is here And press ‘delete’ And then, we’ll add the new
form, by clicking here And select the new form
which we created which is “my form” So, we’ll select that And click ‘insert’ Now if we click update and “view the page” You can see that, we
have now got the form which we created Okay! So this is how you
can create any form, in wordpress Now if you’re looking for
more features, in your form Like having the option
to upload files, directly in the form or having the ability to
change the layouts easily, like this you can check out the
“Ninja Form Add Ons”, which is given in the
link below this video So you can click that
link to see the additional features you can
add to your form So, this how you can
create a contact form, or any other form,
in wordpress Now if you want to add the
contact page you created, to your menu, you can
see how to do that in this video Next, if you’d like to see the
next video in this WordPress series, you can
watch this video So, that’s it Guys! I’ll see you in
the next video Take care, babye!


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