How to Create A Slider in WordPress

Hi guys, I’m Subhang
from Today we’ll be showing you how you
can create a slider like this, in WordPress So, after watching this video,
you’ll be able to create different types of sliders like a compact slider like this or a full screen slider like this, Or even sliders like this So, make sure you watch this
video till the end to see, how you can do it So let’s get started We’re going to do
this in 5 steps The first step is to “Download
the Slider Plugin” which is going to help us
create our slider So to download the plugin, Just click the link
below, this video And it will take
you to this page Now, this is the plugin
we’re going to use to create our slider So, let’s click get it now And click ‘download’ And then, “download” again and then click this link to start the download Okay, so now the plugin will be
downloaded to your computer Once it’s downloaded We can now go to step 2, Which is to Install, this plugin on our website So to install this plugin let’s go to our
wordpress dashboard and go to plugins and click “add new” Now click “upload plugin” And draag and drop
this file ‘here’ and it will be selected Now let’s click “Install now” And ‘activate plugin’ Okay! so now the plugin is
installed on our website And Once it’s installed,
you’ll see this new button, called “Smart Slider” So once you’ve
installed the plugin, it’s time to ‘create’ your 1st slider So to create the slider let’s click ‘smart slider’ Now, here we have 2 options
to create our slider The 1st option is to
create a slider manually And the 2nd which is the faster
option is to choose a slider design from ‘the template library’ So to make the
slider faster, let’s click template library And, here you’ll find a lot
of designs for your slider Now, if you want to see only
the free designs You can click here and it’ll show you
only the free designs And if you want to see
more premium designs, you can click here, and it will show you the
premium ones So first, let’s try
the free designs. So we’ll click “free” Now if you want to see how
the slider will look like just click it And you’ll see, the preview
of how the slider will look on your site Now if you like this slider, and you want to add it to your site just close this click “import” to bring the slider
into our site Okay! So now, the slider, has been
imported, into our site And you can see that we
have these 3 slides in the slider Now if you want to
see a preview just click here And you can see how
the slider looks like So now we know, how
to create a slider Next let’s go to step 4, which is to
Add the Slider to our Website So to add this slider
to our website Let’s close this and then go to our site, by clicking ‘visit site’ Okay, so this is the site,
which we created in our previous video In order to add the
slider to your website, all you need to do,
is to go to the page, where you want to
add the slider And then click edit
with elementor Now the elementor plugin will
help you to create pages like this as we showed in
a previous video So, once you creating pages
using elementor you can add your slider
to the page So let’s say you want
to add the slider, to your home page Just click home And click “edit with elementor” And it will take you to
this editing section Now go to the place where you
want to add the slider, and click the ‘plus’ icon And here you can see that we
have the smart slider element So let’s drag this element and drop it, here And it will ask you, to
choose the slider that you want to add So we’ll select the
slider which we created and That’s it! you can see that the slider
has been added to our page So now, to save this you just have to click ‘update’ and then view the page by clicking here So as you can see we have successfully added,
the slider to our homepage So, now we know how to create
a slider and add it to a page Next, let’s see how we
can edit this text and this image on the slider Okay So to edit the slider let’s go to ‘smart slider’ And then go to edit and click the name of the
slider, that you want to edit Now here you can see that
we have these 3 slides So, to edit any slide,
just click edit And it will take you to
this “editing section’ Now, if you want to
change this text Just click it And then change
the text here So you can change “any”
text the same way Now if you want to change
the link of this button You just click it And change the link here And you can also change
the name of this button by typing your text here So, once you’re
done you can close this And now, if you want
to change this image Just click it And then select the image And then drag and
drop your image So once you’re done
with the changes you can save it by
clicking ‘save’ And all the changes
will be saved So now let’s view the site, by clicking here And you can see that the slide has all the
changes we made So, this is how you can add
slider to your wordpress site Now if you want more designs
for your slider Just go to ‘smart slider’ and click ‘dashboard’ And then go to template
library again and choose ‘premium’ to get much better designs
than we saw in the free ones So for example, you can get
a slider, like this one! So if you like any of the
pro sliders you can get it by purchasing
the pro version here So when you buy
the pro version, you’ll be able to get all
of the sliders listed here This is how you can add
sliders to your wordpress site Now if you want to find
more useful tools like this, for your website Then make sure you visit, to to get the best tools you
can use for your website Okay Now if you want to see you can build this
website in 10 mins you can watch this video So, that’s it guys I’ll see you in
the next video Take Care Babye 🙂

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