How to Design a Website Using iWeb : Using HTML in iWeb

This is Bill Macpherson with Expert Village.
Okay, continuing on now in iWeb. I’d like to show you a little bit of about web widgets.
In this clip, I’m going to show you about HTML Snippet. The wonderful thing about this
is, you can choose it right here. You can see it brings up a box and you click on that
box and it brings up this little thing here that says HTML Snippet. Now what you want
to do is you want to paste in some code here that will bring up things like a YouTube video.
Now, I already have a page brought up here so I can show you. We are on YouTube and this
is a video that’s on there and if you go next to the video you’ll see that there is the
URL and then there’s the embed code and this is what you want, the embed code. So, if you
click here and copy that. You want to go to file, copy and then you go back here to your
Snippet and paste the code right in here. Now hit apply and you’ll see your box change
to the YouTube Video. And, of course, you can move it anywhere you like on your web
page. You can see these little lines that show up when you move an object on the web
page, iweb will show you where the alignment marks are so that’s your center mark on the
web page. Put it right there. Now, if you double click on your widget you can actually
run the video, make sure it works. And that’s how you add an HTML Snippet with the web widgets
and iWeb and I’m Bill Macpherson for Expert Village.

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