How to discover apps in the Chrome Web Store

How to discover apps in the Chrome Web Store

SPEAKER: You can find
tens of thousands of apps and extensions
in the Chrome Web Store. If you just want to
check out what’s new, take a look at everything
featured on the homepage. Curious to see what other
Chrome users like most? Head over to the
Popular section. If you already know
what you’re looking for, there are two ways to
find it in the store. Categories and Collections
organize apps and extensions by interest. Browse them to see a
more focused selection. You can also use the
search box to find apps by typing app names or
other relevant keywords and hitting Enter. From the homepage to
categories to search, it’s easy to find what you’re
looking for in the Web Store. Have fun exploring.


  1. simply use this link in firefox to use chrome extension in android… 100% working….but use it in firefox..reply me if any problen occurs.

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