How to Get Your FIRST Web Design Client

How to Get Your FIRST Web Design Client

As a small business owner your most difficult task will be finding new customers and if you’re a web designer it’s even more
difficult. Web Design is an incredibly crowded industry. if you have a small
business you likely receive dozens of emails and phone calls every month from
someone trying to sell you Web Design mostly from India or Bangladesh when I
first started out as a web designer I had zero clients and zero prospects how
would I get myself noticed in a sea of competition to carve out your turf and
find your own customers there are three things you need to do one know yourself
the first thing needs to do is know what you have to offer ask yourself what are
my skills strengths and weaknesses what do I excel at and where do I need to
improve people buy from people if you don’t truly know what you’re all about
then how can you effectively sell yourself to know your industry what is
the current state of your industry what are the trends are there any customer
experience gaps that need filling what problems do your potential customers
have that aren’t being solved there’s always a door for you to stick your foot
in you just have to look hard enough three know your competition I mean
really analyze them what are they good at what are they bad at why do their
customers love them then be better they have a quick turnaround be faster they
have a vast amount of knowledge be smarter they have top quality products
make better products here’s how I did it in my case with my
web design business I noticed that almost no one was
offering fast web design services affordable high quality and search
engine optimized yes but not fast so I built my business on that that was my
focus yes I emphasize that my services were affordable for any small business
but my main focus was on pushing my fast web design services I could have your
site built with an in day or June I focused all of my marketing and SEO
efforts on that simple premise it allowed me to rank very high for
keywords related to fast web design services as it had very low competition
so when the president of one of the biggest media conglomerates in Canada
found out that he would need to start looking for new work he decided he
needed a website under his name with his full resume on display and he needed it
fast when he searched google for fast web design and what did he find me
I replied fast I communicated fast and I built his site fast it was created and
published within 48 hours he was very happy with my work so much so that he
was willing to provide a glowing testimony which is prominently displayed
on my web site so what did I learn if you want
something bad enough you can have it I didn’t have any previous experience in
web design and online marketing and I certainly didn’t go to school for it but
I had a passion for it so I learned I saw the potential reward in owning my
own business one that I could manage and operate from anywhere in the world know
yourself your competition and your industry have a goal in mind and
unfashionable you do all of that and you’ll have no problem landing your
first big fish

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