How to Hoosier: Hoosier-fy Your Halloween 🎃

How to Hoosier: Hoosier-fy Your Halloween  🎃

[MUSIC]>>Hey, I’m Kelsi.>>And I’m Kelsey.>>And welcome to the Halloween
edition of Hoosier Hacks.>>Today,
we’re covering IU themed pumpkins.>>And painting, because some of us
are lacking in the pumpkin carving skills.>>First thing you need
to do is find a pumpkin.>>We got ours from our local grocery
store but if you’re feeling super fall, festive check out these two
local B-Town pumpkin patches.>>These are the tools we’re
gonna be using to carve and paint our pumpkins today.>>Head to IU’s web page, full of pumpkin
carving templates, pick your favorite and then print it out. I’m gonna paint Sample Gates.>>And
I’m gonna be carving the IU Trident. [MUSIC]>>This is my pumpkin so far. I think it will look better with paint,
I hope. [MUSIC] So, I’ve got some pumpkin jokes I’ve
been waiting to let the world hear.>>[INAUDIBLE].>>Why do pumpkins sit
on people’s porches?>>Why?>>Because I don’t have
hands to knock on the door. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] Okay, I have another one for you.>>When is an orange, not an orange?>>When?>>When it’s a pumpkin.>>[LAUGH] [MUSIC]>>Why do pumpkins do so bad in school?>>Why?>>Because you carve all their brains out.>>[LAUGH]>>[MUSIC]>>So I painted my Sample Gates.>>And I carved my IU logo.>>These are some real pieces of work. [LAUGH] All you need to Hoosier-fy your
Halloween is a pumpkin for your porch.>>Make sure to tag us in
all your creations, so we can share your IU artwork too. [MUSIC]

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