How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01)

How to make a Video Game in Unity – BASICS (E01)


  1. Hope you guys like the video!

    There is a poll towards the end on what programming language you would like me to teach – JavaScript or C#. Both languages can be used to make awesome games. JavaScript is considered easier to learn for complete beginners however Unity has shifted heavily towards C# lately (their premade assets, documentation and tutorials is all in C#). C# is my personal favorite but I started in JavaScript so things can quickly change! I will leave the decision to you guys!

    Oh and thanks for all the support on the last video, it makes me excited to bring you more! Remember to share the video if you think it's worth it 😉

    I'll see you in the next one!

  2. i made a cube aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. my camera in the free version is only blue even when i make the ground and position it :/ pls help me, somebody

  4. And in 10 minutes, I learned more about Unity than 2 hours of Unity's own tutorials. Something about just jumping in and moving quickly makes it easier to absorb. Thank you. By far the best Unity tutorials anywhere.

    Guys I turned cubethon into an Android game,Your feedback is more than welcome!

  6. ik this is like… 2 years old, but you spoke a little fast in some parts and it was a little confusing for me to keep up, still really helpful though

  7. Thumbs up and subscribed, for the fact that I love that you didn't start your video with "WHAT'UP GUYS" (which is so anyoing) … and thank you for going straight forward to the most essential points to learn. Very very very good!!!

  8. Hm, I wonder, what if I take this video and word by word I copy it to make the same tutorial but for another game engine.

    Literally word by word, I use his voice and the video, just change a few parts where the other engine is different.

  9. few years ago i tried to make a game, it looked similar to skyrim but i just abandoned project cuz of lack of my knowledge and here i am after 2 years i came back to get some fun and most important, to try to make a game

  10. Dude, I'm stunned by the quality of this tutorial… no trashtalking, straight to the point, easily understandable, on point, touched every aspect.. even keyboard shortcuts. Just WOW. Thank you.

  11. Also thank to you i made my first 2D game with unity! I l'd like if you guys check it out on google play store, it's name is AlienSpin2D… thanks!

  12. Is there another way to apply materials to meshes besides dragging and dropping the material from the asset folder? There should be a way to replace the mat in the inspector but I can't figure it out. It's how things work in Unreal anyway..

  13. @Brackeys Is Unity version 5.5 still good? I am not sure what Unity version to get there are the two LTS version 2017 and 2018 so I am confused to which one to install.

  14. Watch my gameplay of Unity's Unwind (hardest unity game in my opinion). Do subscribe for more content related to mobile gaming. Thanks. Link given below :

  15. Fucking love this man, I'm new to unity and I've scripted a bit on roblox.. (Yeah I had to start somewhere) and I want to get into real programming, I'm rn doing computing science and hope to continue doing so (I'm not a big fan of math but I still pursue to become better).

  16. Uhhh i don't have the programming thing. I do have unity but not the program thing to code with, is that a glitch or do i download it separately

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