How To Set Your Mac Safari Homepage (#1692)

A common question Mac users ask online is
how do you set your homepage in Safari. The Homepage is the page that’s kind of the
default. It’s when you launch Safari and there’s nothing
else going on and you open a new window. That’s what loads. It’s very useful to put something that you
go to everyday there so that you don’t actually have to go to that page. Just starting Safari or opening a new window
goes directly to that page. So let’s look at how to set that. You set it in Safari, Preferences. Safari Preferences has a lot of different
tabs at the top. Click on the General tab if it’s not already
selected. Then you have a bunch of different options
here all of which have to do with setting the Homepage. Right away you may jump to Homepage and here’s
where you can actually set what it is. You can type whatever you want there. For instance if you wanted Goggle to be your
Homepage you can just type But it won’t exactly change the functionality
unless you also pay attention to the two options above it. The two options above it are New windows open
with and New tabs open with. You can set these to be what you want. You can see now they are both set to Top Sites. Setting my homepage to won’t actually
do anything. But if I select these and say I want New windows
to open with my homepage and New tabs to open with my homepage, now that actually has an
effect. So like here when I go and say New Tab you
can see it goes directly to Goggle. Also if I say New window that goes to Goggle
as well. Now there are a lot of other options in there
so it may be useful to look at those. You can choose to have your Favorites all
show up. You can choose to have Top Sites show up which
is the default usually and Empty Page, some of us prefer that, instead of it automatically
loading something it doesn’t bother loading anything until you request something. Or the Same Page that was there before. So, for instance, if I do Same Page here for
a new window and say I go to Wikipedia and I say File, New Window, that’s going to open
Wikipedia. That’s what that does. So you have the same options for New Tabs. You also have a handy Set to Current Page
button here. Instead of typing if you happen to be at the
page that you want to use as your homepage, like say Wikipedia here, you can go to Settings,
General, and say Set to Current Page and it will actually change it to the current page. So that’s how you set your Homepage and actually
get it to work. Now keep in mind that the way Safari works
is that if you’re not opening a new window or a new tab it’s going to stay where it is. So, for instance, if I were to go to
here and say I have two tabs, a blank tab and Apple. If I quit Safari and then run Safari again
it’s going to reopen those same pages. It’s not actually going to load my homepage
until I do a New Window or a New Tab. Now you can change how that works one of two
ways. One way is instead of quitting Safari you
Option Quit which is quit and close all windows. Or manually close the windows before you quit
Safari. The other is to go into System Preferences
and under General is the option here to Close windows when quitting app. So if you do that and that works not just
for Safari but for all apps, it closes the window so it starts off new.

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