How To Use Eye Dropper Tool For Web Design | Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial 2017 Part – 12/48

How To Use Eye Dropper Tool For Web Design | Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 Tutorial 2017 Part – 12/48

Kyoto youtubers my name is N and this video here is one of the free ones that a giveaway is part of my logic or so if you are keen and you do enjoy it check out there’ll be a link in the description but for now let’s go off and look at the free stuff now the next tool in your web designer tool kit is going to be the eyedropper tool it’s a nice easy tool for knowing which color that you’re working with so it’s hiding underneath the ruler tool okay and it should be said to the eyedropper tool by default but we were using this earlier remember so I’m gonna use the eyedropper tool and it’s just really good for picking color so I want to know what color does green is I’m going to click on it and you’ll notice that up here my color swatches it points to it and here my foreground color it’s licks it let’s double click the foreground color down here and you’ll notice that we get our hexadecimal number and this is the number that Jim really gets used in web design to establish color there are some other ways to do with a gba which will look at later on but you can use these RGB colors as well if you need to let’s click OK and that is the eyedropper tool for picking color let’s say we want to use that color over and over again and our document what you can do is you can create what’s called a swatch now to do a swatch let’s say I want this peach color here if I select it I can remove it in my swatch panels and I can use this little flower here that’s his new swatch and it uses my foreground color that we’ve picked with the eyedropper tool and I can call this BYO elle peach click OK now what we’ll do is you’ll see him just appear in the end of my little swatch panel here it means that I get to reuse that when I need to let’s say that I want to switch back to black and white I’m going to use my rectangle tool and draw a rectangle and it’s going to be black but what i can do is i can use this little drop-down and you’ll see there’s my peach color at the end of my swatches and i can reuse that color over now I love to share so made a few of these videos free of course though I’d love for you to go on and do my full course of over 50 videos there’s a discount code in the description plz like and subscribe and hide it our good YouTube people now saluting and waving but okay

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