HTML lists in 3 MINUTES!

HTML lists in 3 MINUTES!

hello everyone my name is Miriam I’m a stop stop web developer and again is the third figure about the HTML we’re going to talk about list and what the structure is so let’s get started you’re familiar with lists since you’re worth what a mother extent you do – all good buy some food at school but a real it in schedule and even at your job to make some notes so as you can see it Liz I important part of her alive which are always with us actually there are two kinds of plays and that you are definitely familiar with pop them just unordered and another ones and it’s all up to you which kind of leads to use but we’ll consider what ones let’s start from another place in order to create an you have to write you out at first which is a sure abbreviation for unordered list then after it you have to write Li tag which represents each item let’s write for example a sharpen next for example imagine situation dodge your fridge is empty so now in Ichiban onions milk brown and a chocolate for yourself because you like it but doesn’t like chocolate go those strangers so right now look at the web browser page and you will notice that this is just a simple list the black circle in front of each item now we’re going to consider ordered lists and as you can already guessed by its name in front of each iron there is a number in order to creator we have to write oh I’ll tag and that leader what atlas are commonly used for lands or reserves just something we have to juice that by style let’s make frozen ball ERISA for a simple salad the first step is you will need the matters human burrs leaders vegetable oil and sold the third stop is in ichika the matters cucumbers and tears liquors and the third final step is you just mix it together and add vegetable world and sold well in this video we’ll talk about ellipse mericans and bonus the recent pop salad guys thank you so much for watching if you enjoyed this video don’t forget to like it and subscribe to the channel and I will see you in the next video [Music]

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