HTML Tutorial – 03 – Hello World

To start developing HTML we first need an
HTML editor. I will be using Dreamweaver for this tutorial, but any regular text editor
will do. Either way, we first start off by creating an empty web document, which is a
plain text file with an html file extension. The HTML part of every website starts and
ends with thetag. This element tells the browser that the document contains HTML.
Inside the element we find two sections,and, which in turn can contain header
and body tags. The header gives information about the document – most importantly we have
the pageelement – and the body is the displayed content of the page. These four<br /> elements -,,, and – are required on every webpage. With our document template now complete we<br /> can take look at the file with a browser. In Firefox for example, we can see that the<br /> page title has appeared on the title bar, and the content of the body is shown on the<br /> page. Although the browser has rendered the markup tags to display the page we can still<br /> look at the original source markup using the “View Source” function on the browser.<br /> To be able to show the rendered page along with the source code I will for the most part<br /> use Dreamweaver’s built in browser (F5 to refresh). Another powerful feature of Dreamweaver<br /> are code hints (Ctrl+<a href="">Space</a>), which gives us suggestions when typing tags, attributes,<br /> and values. With this as a base we can now go on and explore the various elements of<br /> HTML.

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