1. i've done this similar but i dunno why it's not working here ..
    text comes below the pic i dunno how to move it from side ?? can anyone tell me ??

  2. thanks for your video it is bloody ****ing nice video,i learn from it,and this the thing I was need,thank you so much

  3. It's similar to my requirement, but not exact.
    Is anyone have same like this "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYnj4Mz9g9g"?
    Please reply here if you have/developed.

  4. I realize this is over seven years old, but this is the first tutorial that gave me a clear and concise way to do what I wanted to do. I now have text that flows around my images and leaves a nice border between the two. Thanks bunches.

  5. your video almost addresses my problem: I want the header to wrap around the image, too. It doesn't! I noticed your example circumvented that issue by putting the header above the image.

    I just learned how to have the header wrap. I put it and the paragraphs within the same <div> just after the image was loaded. Blocking the elements that way allowed the header to center itself on the area to the right of the image.

  6. Hi. I learnt the type of html using "align" tag at a younger age. Now learning the CSS type, it looks like an unmade jigsaw puzzle. After watching this video, the basic meathod of CSS is making more sense. Thank you.

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