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Did somebody
say “Molly”? Yeah!
Party, baby. Yes, yes. Party, baby! Yes, yes.
He took that as the actual drug. Oh, “Molly asks.” Her name, yes. Oh, okay. But — but Cocaine asks —
no. So I took my pants off for no reason. Now let’s get to
your questions. First, Molly. Molly asks, “Will you guys
be bringing back the tag-team game
for Season 9?” Can I have
a cappuccino to go? Oh, your outfit’s
hysterical. A what? A cappuccino to go. A cappuccino to go? With oat milk. -Oh, my God.
-You know what? I’m gonna tap in my friend to help you. Tag!
Don’t even sit down. Here he comes. Thank you.
Hey, bud. Terrible tag.
Terrible. -I know, I know.
-All right, Sal. Hi. Your outfit’s gorgeous. Would you like to sample the matcha? [ Laughter ] Yes, Molly, we are. Samantha wants to know, “I have no idea
how you worked –” Oh, hey. “I have no idea how you worked
your way out of the race-card situation
in the first challenge. LOL.” Get up there. Good luck, my friend. Tell her not to play
the race card, buddy. Did you guys need help? Yeah. -What do you want?
-Oh, the zoodle pasta. The zoodle pasta,
sure. Is it to go or to stay? To stay. You guys aren’t
racing out of here? -Nah.
-Okay. Don’t play the race card on me. Joe: Oh, sly! He did it! Smart. Any awkward encounters
in your everyday life that you finagle your way out
of probably every single day because we’re on TV,
and people watch the show. So people approach us
on the street every day, so I have awkward encounters
every single day of my life. ‘Cause I’m normally kind of shy,
and — and I just don’t know
what to say to people sometimes. Cassidy writes,
“Does the Jokers saying ‘We-e-ll’ haunt you
in your sleep?” All: We-e-ll… A million percent.
A million percent. I’ve said this before. I’ll say it again
because it bears repeating. “We-e-e-ll,” that little phrase, although it has probably
been used a billion times, for us, we really loved it
and took it from the show “Michael & Michael Have Issues” that was on Comedy Central
a while back with Michael Ian Black
and Michael Showalter. They had this little bit
where they did that, and we love those guys
and we loved that bit, and so we started to say it, and then it kind of
found its way into our show. God forbid you say there’s
anything to do with manure. All: Well! Somebody
tell me what’s going on. Please, I’m gonna start crying. Please,
I’m gonna start crying. Valerie tweets, “When did
your fear of cats begin?” [ Cat hisses ] Whoa! When I was younger,
I had a friend who had a cat named Sebastian,
and he — that cat attacked me every time
I visited their house. And that was, like,
the predominant one, and then every time
I’ve ever passed a cat, they don’t get out of the way,
they hiss, they rub up against you,
they shit wherever they want, they don’t listen to their name,
they hunt birds, innocent birds. Just a lot of rea–
a cat is a natural predator. I don’t really understand
why we domesticated it. I don’t think it adds any type
of value to anyone ever. I think people that have cats need to look
deep inside themselves and ask themselves
what’s missing that you need a Goddamn predator
in your house. ♪ Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow, meow ♪ Mario says, “Do you think
your dad would be down to be the fifth joker?”
I know he would. Joe:
Your father’s here in the park. What are you doing? What are you doing? You working here? As a matter of fact,
I might be heading down a road where I tap out and my dad
just takes over for me. He’s retiring in real life. I’d like to retire from this. I know he wants
something to do. I will broach the subject
with him. He would be better than me
at this anyway. [ Laughter ] Am I done? All: Well! Every week, you guys,
tune in at — #AskAJoker, and you know
the business. You send us tweets
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real questions every week. Spread the love.
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