In which we make loading disappear with ‘portal’ and friends (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)

In which we make loading disappear with ‘portal’ and friends (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)


  1. I saw the portal tag a month ago on a conference, it's looking interesting but we have to wait a lot in order to get it supported !

  2. Will navigating back and forth between foo and bar <portal> pages cause different page contexts to stack on top of each other in memory (including on whether it depends on our use of adoptPredecessor / cache control directives)?

  3. One aspect of portals I am particularly interested in is if it's possible to make them automatically take the height and width of their own content. This is especially useful if you are embedding a widget of your own on a 3rd party site. Traditionally you would have to use an iframe here to prevent styling conflicts and include some JavaScript together with postMessage in order to resize the iframe accordingly.

    I have some concerns about the last slide of this presentation though. It seems as other vendors are simply an afterthought in this process which further feeds into the perception that Google is positioning itself as the standards maker and everyone else should just follow. I find this concerning and I hope that it is taken into serious consideration to only expose these origin trials as production ready when other vendors are on board.

  4. sounds like this is basically for ads. Cool for Google I guess? Not sure why I would ever need to make a transition to somebody else's site faster.

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