Indian App Developers

Indian App Developers

Hey, this is the Daily Overpass! My name
is Eric and I make apps! Now today, I want to give my opinion of Indian app developers. Okay, so I’m outside again today. We have had beautiful weather over the last couple days. I mean, it’s been like record heat waves which I just love. It reminds me of San Diego. But in the office, it gets so stuffy. That’s
almost impossible to work in the afternoons. So, sorry I’d come outside and
do the video outside this morning. It is glorious out here today. I absolutely
love it! So today, I want to answer a question that came in on video 278 from
Dhrubojyoti Das, I hope I said that – I hope I said your name the right way, and
this is kind of a loaded question. He said, “What do you think about Indian app
developers? Can you create a video on your opinion?” So, I work with
developers in India all the time. I have a lot of development teams in India that
I work with. I work with developers in Vietnam and the Philippines,
obviously locally, I work with developers. And that’s something – I’m not a
big fan of the idea that people from different countries are better or worse
coders. We all subject- we all have the same access to the same information,
we have the same documentation that we could read sometimes, level of English
might be – it might get in the way a little bit, but I think it’s becoming
less and less of an issue. In fact, sometimes I wonder like if in another
language, like maybe the best Android app resource out there of for learning is in
Spanish, then what would I do? Aah.. you know, but that’s probably the
problem that a lot of people face coming up. So, it’s like I hear a lot
of things about developers in India or theories about why developers in one
country are better than another. And I don’t really subscribe to all – to
any of them. So, to give you an example, years ago, I was sitting in
an office with somebody and they told me a lot of people are sending their
projects over to India but the thing about Indians is that they can’t code. (laughs) What? Indians can’t code? Yu’re talking like about like a billion people. It was just like he had heard from a friend of a friend or whatever. A
lot of times I talked to developers in the UK and they’ll say like – or in the UK
or the US. And I think, no, my job secure because they can’t send it to
overseas because you know, whatever. There’s some opinions about this. Some of the best developers I’ve ever worked with
have been in India and but also, some of the worst developers. I
don’t think – yeah, I don’t think your nationality has anything to do with how
good a developer you are. There’s no evolutionary reason. I mean, it’s so new
that there’s just different ways of doing it. There’s somebody who sits down
and goes through all the resources and learns all they have to learn and it
does all they have to do, would be a much better developer than somebody who
doesn’t. Who just – they go to a job, they do what they have to do and then they go
home and watch TV. That’s always going to be the case across any country.
So, a lot of times people – like a lot of projects come to us and they say,
‘Unfortunately, I sent this project to an Indian team first and I’m not happy with
it. Can you fix it?” A lot of times I’ll say, “Well, I’ll probably send
it to an Indian company to get it fixed.” And that has nothing to do it with
anything, right? People who send their projects overseas and they have problems,
they assume that people who don’t send their projects overseas have no problems.
So, that’s not the case. I mean, software sometimes can be messy and a lot of times, you just have to make sure that all the developers, what they have in their head is the same thing as a project manager has
in his head, the same thing as a business owner has in his head and all that kind
of stuff. Maybe that’s just my opinion on that. I know it’s not – it’s
kind of a wishy-washy opinion. As a software developer, when I was working in
the corporate environment, I was keenly aware of the fact that my job could be
lost to somebody overseas because you know, and then somebody overseas, they
might not be as – they might not have as much experience, but that’s a temporary
problem. Experience comes with experience. People get better and
better and better all the time. And there are developers in India who
are far better than me. There are developers in anywhere who are far
better than me. It depends on who puts the work in and who learns as they go
and who has the experience. So anyway, that’s just my opinions on that. Let me
know what you, guys, think. Do you think there’s inherent reason? Because this is something – believe it or not, this is
something I hear about all the time and it’s concerning. I think as individuals, I mean, we’re all software developers. We know how bad we
were when we started and we know how how we approve up. We member our Hello World
programs. We don’t, you know, we all in our heads we look back at stuff
thinking, “God, it was so terrible about at this at the beginning!” It’s not
because I was like American. Okay, I had one guy say that American coders were
bad. I was like, you know, I’m American. It’s like, it was like – nationality has nothing to do with it. And let me know if you, guys,
disagree with that, but that’s just the way I feel. Anyway, that’s it for today! I
will talk to you, guys, again tomorrow!


  1. Hey Eric, I am Indian indie developer.
    Good video about us… Thanks

    I would love to work with you if i get chance….

  2. Hi Eric, i was wondering have you ever had a 30 day adsense Suspension and if so, how did that impact you in the long run?

  3. Eric, as always I enjoy my daily morning dose of overpass videos. Thank you! (U.S. EST) Could you share your experience on how to look for a credible "off-shore" team and any advice on how to work with them? How about standard prices or ranges in the different countries? Would you recommend some of the team/companies your work with? In one of your videos you mentioned asking the team to do a video game and they said 'yes, sure' and it was a disaster. I use to manage a near-shore team in my corporate job that I left 2 years ago and trying the solo approach. Much appreciated! -Mike

  4. Im a filipino and i admire indian developers. For me they are number one in asia followed by vietnamese. Most tutorials i have learned were made by indians. I dont know about chinese and japanese and filipinos coz they are not that active on youtube.

  5. ok, so this is my opinion (based on my experience) – Indians Chinese and other Asians are good at coding, solving mathematical kind of problems…but when it comes to web Russians and west do better job in designing(UI)…especially I have seen Americans/Canadians know how to execute and create a roadmap(UX)…but this scenario is also changing so is opinion.
    Thank you

  6. Being an Indian developer myself, what pisses me off are those "experts" from India who claim to be PHP experts but all they do is flip WordPress and can't change the code as per the client's liking.
    Apart from that we really have great quality developers here but sometimes the need to put food on the table conquers the willingness to deliver great code. Hence many developers are more focused on getting more jobs and completing more projects as the wages are quite low here in India as compared to other parts of the world.

  7. Well said Eric, India have really good companies where you can connect and I work with one of the company

  8. Hi Eric, Excellent video with description for resource hiring. You can also find the same topic things to know resource hiring before developing a mobile app.

  9. I am an 19 year old app developer and engineering student from india. Really loved ur video.I have gained lot of informations from ur videos

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