Intro & Setup – Progressive Web App Training

SAM DUTTON: Hi there. I’m Sam Dutton, a
developer advocate at Google, part of the team
that built this course. And we’re going to show you how
to build great Progressive Web Apps. [MUSIC PLAYING] The format is pretty simple. We show you something,
and you build stuff, and then you take a
break, and repeat. Now, this course is
focused on writing code, but will also help you
understand your users and how to give them
a great experience. You’ll build a simple
web app and learn the basics of building offline
functionality into your app with Service Worker. We’ll help you get to grips
with the core PWI APIs. You’ll get a chance to brush
up your skills with Promises, fetch(), and with
service workers. You’ll learn how to cache
content to improve performance and work offline. And that means file caching with
Service Worker and data caching with client-side storage. We’ll show you how to
work with live data, and how to make the best
of unreliable connections. And finally, we’ll
think about PWAs from a business perspective. Reduce development costs and
build a better experience for your users, learn how people
use websites, why and how we buy, find out how to maintain
a resilient build process, and integrate tooling. And we’ll also look at
ways to improve engagement and re-engagement with
the home screen presence, smart installation prompts,
and push notifications. You’ll get to grips
with web payments and credential management,
analytics, discovery, and SEO. You’re going to learn
a lot, but you can also help us build a better course. So if you find anything that
doesn’t make sense or code that fails, please let us know. We’ll tell you how to file bugs
and changes in the notes below. So let’s get started. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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